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6 Favourite Hashtags for Home Decor Inspo

Six favourite Hashtags for Interiors on Instagram! - Annie Dornan Smith Illustrated Home and Paper Goods |

At this point, it is news to literally nobody that I have moved house recently

and I am on a major interiors hype! It must be that 'spring cleaning' vibe, mixed with the fact that I have more room to put stuff now. I feel like everyone I know is in the process of moving or redecorating or making some little home updates, so if it's ok with everyone I'm going to fuel the addiction some more with some v aesthetically pleasing instagram photos. Sound Millenial enough for everyone? (There's a pink sofa involved) Ok, cool.

So - you can follow hashtags on instagram now, did you know that? Pretty much as soon as I found out you could, I went over and signed right on up for Kate La Vie's #klvhome, because quite frankly I wanted as much of her dreamy home on my feed as possible. Since then i've followed a few more that I find interesting and inspiring and it's the perfect solution to me - particularly as I (for some unknown reason??) never browse the explore page and rarely actually look through the hashtags I post to. I know, I'm doing Instagram wrong.

But moving on to the good stuff - i've got some v v beautiful interior hashtags that you ought to be following on Insta if you're a home decor lover like me!


Put together by Kate for you to share your KLV-esque home snaps too! I like that a lot of people stick to a similar aesthetic on this tag, so there is lots of soft pinks, warm greys, fluffy fabrics and gold accents. 


Created by the wonderful Joanna Hawley of Jojotastic - I happened across her on Instagram once and fell in love with her daily, hilarious and heartwarming insta stories. I'm really enjoying this tag's collection of smaller home spaces. Occasionally I still do a little scoff/cry at what some people in the USA consider small - I live near London, I'm bitter, ok? - but on the whole the spaces are smaller, beautiful and more realistic/attainable that some of the sprawling, thousand-dollar-furnished living rooms out there on the internet.


A new discovery for me, I have just started using this tag myself! I was drawn in by the eclectic bohemian kind of theme to a lot of the posts. 


This one is a classic but a goodie! I used to follow apartmenttherapy on Bloglovin, but eventually I had to stop as the sheer quantity of posts was drowning out the other blogs I followed on there. (I'm not complaining, obvs, but it wasn't working out for me!) This way, I can get a daily hit of Apartment Therapy -style goodness, without trawling through hundreds of posts

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Oh, who's that you say?? So I started this tag literally a couple of days ago, so it's a fresh new baby, but I wanted a place to start sharing interior snaps. Martin and I have been living together for a year already, but it has only just started to feel like I have stuff to share of my actual home. We have a lot more freedom this time around (with space, and putting things on the walls, etc!) so I'm hoping to share more exciting interiors in the future.