All The Ways I am A Rubbish Girl

It's International Women's Day, which seems like the perfect time to share this post, since I've been mulling it over in my mind for months now. This is probably not the most groundbreaking post you'll read today, but I wanted to draw attention to all the expectations that are put on us by society are actually, kind of a load of crap, but we still feel so mich guilt for not living up to! I

feel like so much of this guilt is inherently tied up in just existing as a woman in this world (tho, of course, I'm sure others can experience this, too) so today I'm calling it out as the kind of  negatvity we just don't need in our lives.  

 I thought by sharing all the ways I am a "rubbish girl" (whatever "being a girl" really means anyway?) might relieve you of that stupid, pointless guilt, too. 

holding a piece of paper with the lettering "all the ways I am a rubbish girl" - annie dornan smith

Spot yourself in this list? You’re fine, you’re literally completely fine.

  • I pretty much wear one or two pairs of shoes for an entire season until they die a cold, frayed, or sole-peeling-off death.
  • I buy candles but forget to light them..

  • I am too lazy to paint my nails, and when I do, I’m too lazy to take the chipped polish off.

  • I never buy bath products (It literally never occurs to me) so it’s often a bubble-free, fragrance-free, plain old water life for me.

  • When I actually do have a bath I get sweaty and bored. 

  • I’ve remembered to do a Sunday Face Mask about 3 times in my life. It's fine, you're fine, my pores are fine.

  • I know my hair could look great if I spent time styling it, but I don’t.

  • I forget to choose jewellery for my outfit so instead have been wearing the exact same necklace that literally never leaves my body for the past, oh I don’t know, 12 months?

  • I can be bothered to countour approximately once every 3 months.

  • I don’t always change my bedsheets once a week. Or fortnight. It’s fine. Kim and Aggie can call literally any man in my life and see how much they give a crap. 

  • I have never once taken an outfit from "day to night"

  • I just really don't like salad.
  • I didn't get my hair cut for literally over a year, and that was when I did it myself. With fabric scissors.

  • My house isn’t Mrs-Hinch-clean and honestly, it never will be. As long as you’re not spreading disease and attracting pests up in here, YOU’RE DOING COMPLETELY FINE.

  • I stop exercising for months at a time because "I'm too busy"

  • Every time I do go running, I wheeze so much the whole park turns to look at me.
  • I have maybe 3 “going OUT out” outfits that I pretty much just wear in rotation.

  • I bought fake tan but am too lazy to apply it.

Hope this brings some screw-it vibes to anyone feeling the (unreasonable) pressure to be perfect! Oh, and by the way, if you happen to be a bubble-bath-having, perfect-nail-painting, salad eating, exercise-doing, outfit-switcher-upping, hair-perfecting goddess, that's totally fine, too. ;)



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