Bloggers to Watch in 2019

Bloggers to Watch in 2019 Graphic - Annie Dornan Smith

Hey. It might be February, but there's still heaps left of 2019 to look forward to, so today I'm sharing the bloggers I think will do big, beautiful things this year. 

This is it, I’m taking a stand and slapping the "I Followed them First” sticker on these awesome influencers who I think will do big things this year. I’ve always loved bloggers, ever since I knew that blogging was a thing, and even did a brief stint as one myself. (I mean, I still run a blog, so am technically a blogger, but you know what I mean!) As a small business owner, I’m always trying to keep my finger on the pulse, so I’m always on the lookout for influencers doing new, unusual and exciting things with their platforms.

It can be easy to just tap the ole follow button on those 265k accounts and call it a day, but there’s a joy in finding a hidden gem of a blogger who you just know is gonna be great. Call it my version of trawling through MySpace Music for the perfect profile song (that everyone was listening to the next week)

So, here’s my ones to watch in 2019 - You saw ‘em here first people!

Charlotte Rollin of Charlotte’s Web


Is there any of us who don't love Charlotte?! When she is not giving us the  insight on casually producing your own magazine for your uni final major project, or regularly posting cute and actually attainable-affordable style, she's founding @selflovelogic - a truly beautiful and reassuring page to encourage an intuitive approach to eating and promoting body positivity - or showing up in the press and on tv to tackle diet culture. Every year I watch Charlotte smash it even more than the last, so I have no doubts this year will be even bigger. 


Karina Marriott of The Style Idealist



A recent follow, Karina combines flawless style and seriously gorgeous shots with a hip-to-waist-ratio that I can actually relate to. Karina's style has encouraged me to not mark certain styles as "not for my body type" and gives me all the mid-size-girl pride, and also reminds us that there is still a world of gorgeous shoot locations, cafes and shops outside of the London bubble. I cannot wait to soak up her summer style ideas in 2019.

Sofia of Forever Fi


I can't argue with a gal who loves a greetings card even more than me, can I? I watched Sofia's account grow in leaps and bounds over the course of about a year and I always love seeing her content pop up in feeds. Her appreciation for the humble greetings card honestly fills my heart with joy. She's so full of positivity, and really down to earth about self care and taking time away from the 'gram, which I find really refreshing. 

Becky Adcock of Becky Maria


I don't remember how I came to be following Becky on insta, but I know for sure it's been a pleasure! Her sense of style is an enviable mix of girly and bougie, withsome major brow-goals to match. Her passion for sharing beautiful content is so obvious, and I find it truly admirable and inspiring. I've got 0 doubts that there will be heaps more fantastic content to come in 2019!

Archie Coppen


 Ok, so whilst not actually a *blogger*, I couldn't not include this account because I am loving the content Archie creates! As a semi-regular retoucher myself, I am always excited to see how the next set of photos will distort and play with reality. Rather than a contast stream of photos in a similar style, I am fascinated to follow the constant experimentation with new styles, photography and retouching techniques, and it is a joy to follow someone's creative process in this way. Can't wait to see what comes next for 2019! 

Ghenet Pinderhughes Randall of GhenetActually 


Ghenet's instagram is already a sumptuous delight of colour, creativity and positivity, but my eye was truly caught by her #littlejoysofjanuary snaps - such a burst of creativity to start off the year with, which I can already tell is carrying over into the rest of the year. Her creative posts are super inspiring, and are complimented wonderfully by her colourful sense of style, and her infectious personality. Looking at her grid you can literally feel the joy. 


So that's it! Heaps of inspiring people to follow this Feb. I'd love to know your suggestions for other bloggers doing beautiful things this year, so feel free to drop me suggestions in the comments, or come say hi on instagram

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