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Father's Day Printable Gift Tag

Written by Annie Dornan-Smith


Posted on June 07 2017

Father's Day is always a little tricky for me. I'm feminine and girly by nature, so I find designing more masculine stuff quite tricky to align with my style and my *aesthetic*. But I also have super high standards, so the average "slap a bit of blue on it" design for Dads just won't cut it for me. I already designed a punny little card for dads, but I decided to whip up a bit of dad-friendly decor for your Fathers Day gifts this year.

This cute little gift tag matches the unbeLEAFable dad card, and totally dresses up simple kraft paper to take your gift to the next level: chic enough to suit your sky high levels of taste, but still masculine/neutral enough to suit the dad-related-theme of Fathers Day ;)

Download the tag template here, cut along the dotted line, use a hole punch to cut out the dotted circle and voila, you have a perfect gift tag! I used some cheap Wilko photo paper just because I had it around, but I think this would look really nice on some satin printer card, or maybe even on a scrap of watercolour paper (if it will fit through your printer). Then, wrap up your gift in some kraft paper, and finish with some tasteful black ribbon. I added a little papercut leaf, too just to add a bit of extra leafiness. 



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