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Setting Goals for 2019

Written by Annie Dornan-Smith


Posted on January 15 2019

setting business goals for 2019

New Goals for The Year Ahead

I’m sure if you’re anything like me, you will relish the opportunity to sit down, go over your goals and set new ones for the year ahead. Now that I’ve looked at 2018 in review, I can sit down and think about what I want to achieve in the coming year, so I thought I’d share it here, as is becoming tradition.

I can’t say I was very religious about checking in with my goals for 2018, (tho I managed to reach most of them anyway which was lucky!) but over the course of the year I’ve been noting down things that I might like to become my goals for 2019 in the back of my diary - to come back to, think over and decide on at a later date. Well, that later date has come!

cosy planning at my desk with notebooks, candles and tea

Setting Purposeful Goals

It felt like so many things in my business changed in 2018 - not necessarily physically (though of course there were three new collections) but definitely in my head, and in the way I view my business. I’m starting to view things a little more long term: figuring out exactly where I’d be happy for my business to be in the next 5 years, and whether I’d be ok with it if it’s not. In the past I’ve taken a more “keep trying and it will all happen, eventually” approach, but I feel like I have learned so much this year, and I’m ready to be more purposeful with my goals as a result. 

Hit 10k Followers

This one feels less important this year than it did last year, but that swipe-up function would be really handy! Like I mentioned in my 2018 in Review post, this year I realised that marketing a business doesn’t have to revolve around Instagram (or social media at all, in fact) to succeed, so this year the rest of my goals are less about the insta-fame, and more about the long-game.

Set Goals Every Month

Along with being more purposeful, I want to make time to check in with my goals every month, and set specific ones for each month of the year. How do you expect to reach your goals if you keep forgetting what they were? I’m planning to do this by finding a planner with a space for exactly this, or maybe setting up some kind of separate “goals notebook” to keep it all in.

painting florals in my sketchbook with paints and brushes around me

Extend my Product Ranges (even more)

This was one of my main motivations of 2018, so I’m turning it into an actual goal for 2019. I want to spend time (and money, obvs) creating new collections and expanding my current ranges to create something even more cohesive, to help me achieve this next goals…

Apply (and hopefully, get into!) A Trade Show/Fair

I have been thinking about this one all year. It felt too soon and too scary last year to be something I could realistically consider, more something to dream about and feel hopeful about. This year I want to position it as something that could actually happen. I’m treating it as the next big step in my business, and adding it to my to-do list for real. The thought is actually terrifying as stands at Trade Fairs are a fair bit more than your average craft fair, and I have no experience of them yet, but sometimes you’ve gotta lean into the fear. Or something.

Also - If you’ve had any experience at trade shows and you’d like to share your wisdom, I’d be eternally grateful! You can always pop me a message on Insta, or email me.

Learn To Drive

Something that’s been playing on my mind for years, and I’ve never gotten around to. It’s another thing that feels prohibitively expensive, but it’s something I’m willing to try and chip away at this year. The longer I run my business (and the bigger my dreams for it get) the more frustrating it becomes to not be able to go where you want, with everything that you need. If I have plans to do the trade fair route, it makes sense to be able to drive myself around.



So, that’s them! After a year that kind of felt like just keeping the wheels turning, I’m hoping this year will be the year those wheels start climbing a few inclines! It’s all scary and exciting, especially once it’s written down and declared to the world. No doubt I’ll be back mid year to give them another once-over (and myself a good talking to!) but until then, I better get started on a to-do list or two!



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