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  • cute frames for A4 prints

    Cute Frames for A4 Prints

      Look online anywhere these days and you'll find an array of chic, illustrated prints - from small businesses like mine, to the big homeware brands. Prints have always been...

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  • My House Jungle Story

        I've shared bits and pieces of the origin of my book here and there in the past, but today I wanted to write out the full "story", for...

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    My House Jungle Story - how I ended up writing and illustrating a published book! - Annie Dornan Smith
  • 6 Ways to Display Prints in a Rental Home

    6 Ways to Display Prints in...

    Nothing is quite as heartbreaking about renting a home as the general ban on hole-in-the-wall making. I know it makes sense - it only takes one over-confident milennial to get...

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  • Business Q & A

    Today's post is a little peek into my business! I'll be answering questions for a little Q&A about my biz. I decided to create a "Master Post" of questions and...

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    Business Q & A
  • 1st Biz Birthday!

    1st Biz Birthday!

    Hello! I'm switching up the blog schedule today a bit because this week is a very special week. I'm celebrating my business's 1st birthday!  The official date is Thursday, but...

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