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Annie Dornan Smith - About Me

Hi! I’m Annie - I’m a designer. 

This is my brand, and that up there is me - lying on the floor against a piece of pink paper, with one of my designs photoshopped onto my face. 

My tagline is "Kind Design for Creative Babes" and that's pretty much what I spend all my days working towards.

I create products for the party throwers; the gift-givers; the pinterest-perfectors. I create for girls who love big, give generously and plan meticulously. For the girls who live that 'gram life, unashamedly. I create kind, positive and beautiful things - for kind, positive, beautiful people. 

I believe in making the everyday beautiful - from your lecture notes to your to-do lists to that empty corner of the room.  I want to spread colour and kindness to every corner of life, be the best gift at the party and make things that make you go

“omg, I can’t wait to Instagram this!”

I started making designs when I was in my second year of uni, studying a Graphic Design degree. Until I entered the design world, I didn't really know there were people out there who made a living designing products and selling them - outside of traditional artisans like painters or potters. I discovered the world of illustration at uni, and as soon as I realised that I too could do things like make a pattern and print it on a notebook, I started planning and never stopped. 

After that, I spent my evenings after uni designing, creating, dreaming, planning, painting, scanning and plotting alongside my degree, and when I graduated in 2016, I leapt into this thing full time and didn't look back.

Now I run Annie Dornan Smith from my in-house studio (as in, it's literally in my house) creating "kind design for creative babes". I make designs for the dorm room dwellers, the bedroom-bloggers, and those who dream of the "Pinterest" life on a "Interning" budget.

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