'Your Feelings Are Valid' Illustrated Affirmations A4 Print

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This pretty little print is part of my illustrated affirmations range - visual reminders of your worth for when you need it most. Hang it up on your wall, or prop it on a shelf to remind yourself you are shiny and nice and deserving!

I was inspired to make the 'Your Feelings are Valid' print as a reminder for myself, and for those of you out there who are made to feel like they are overreacting, that our feelings are valid, too. Hang, prop or tape it up somewhere visible and let me be the voice in your head that tells you you matter (and does it with like, pretty flowers and stuff)

It's A4 size is easily frameable and my original design is printed onto crisp, white board that is a thick, high quality 200gsm. 

Each print will arrive in a cellophane bag for it's protection, accompanied by a piece of sturdy backing board to keep it safe and straight.