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Back to Uni Essentials

flatlay of stationery and other uni essentials

It's that time of year again when life affords you that "reset button" fresh start, three quarters of the way through the year! If you're heading to uni - or heading back for another year - it's time for packing up your things and settling into your uni bedrooms, and to start gearing up for another school year. For a time of hard work, deadlines, exams, rented rooms and flatmates, I've put together a little guide to some back-to-uni essentials to take the edge off! 

cards, prints and photos on a wire noticeboard


1. Super cute stationery, obviously
Everyone's favourite part about back-to-school time is investing in a set of new stationery for the coming year. Take notes in style with a swish new set of notepads, and keep all your to-dos in one place with a dedicated To-Do List. 

2. Home Comforts
Make your uni room your own with a bit of dorm-room decor, Uni houses can be - ahem - interestingly decorated (and don't get me started on the MDF hell that is Student Halls) so stocking up on a few bits to make your room cosy, cute and your own is invaluable. A few small, lightweight prints that you can move around are ideal. Whilst you're at it, pick up a plant or two - it's super rewarding to be able to nuture and grown something all your own. 

3. Reusable Coffee Cup
Long nights in the Library or poring over a sketchbook are ahead, and you. will. need. caffeine. Now that coffee shops are introducing charges for disposable cups, save a little cash (and the environment) and bring your own reusable cup - or fill her up at home for those midnight library runs. 

4. A Snack Stash
Anybody who says they haven't done an 11pm chocolate run whilst at uni is a damn liar! Uni is hard work, and sometimes a late-night sugar craving cannot be denied! I lived for popcorn and cadburys share bags in my final-year-deadline stage. 

6. Some reading material
Or magazines, books, knitting, whatever helps you unwind. Uni life can be flitting from work to partying to hangover netflix binges and back to work again. Be sure to take some time away from it all to take a bath, unwind and get an early night once in a while. 

Congrats to all the new students off to uni this year, and good luck to all those returning! What are your back-to-uni essentials?