It's my mission to bring a little Everyday Magic to your life! 

I'm an Illustrator, designer, Christmas queen and interiors lover.

Since 2016 I've been designing illustrated prints, cards, home and paper goods from my little home studio in the UK. All of my designs are made from my original illustrations, paintings and handlettering, inspired by the magic of nature, the ephemera of the past, and anything else that catches my eye.

I've been creating and selling my designs since 2016, from the corner of my uni bedrooms, my parents house, a 1 bed flat, and now my own little studio spot where I design, pack and shop all of your lovely orders.

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My mission is to add a little Everyday Magic to your life, and to every one of my prints, cards and other home decor goods! I believe in using my designs to create unique, beautiful and timeless designs to decorate your walls, homes and lives - from the prettiest present at the party, to the perfect gallery wall.

I make designs for people like me - the instagram snappers, the shelfie stylers and the cosy corner creators. It's my goal to create products that are uniquely and indentifiably "me", whilst being most definitely a bit of "you" - I like to keep my finger on the trend pulse, but find a way to do my own thing.


It's always been important to me to source my products in the UK, and my designs are always sourced from UK suppliers and manufacturers wherever possible.

I design all of my products from my studio just outside of London, and every order is packed and dispatched from there too, so you can be sure that a human (Me!) has carefully prepared and packed your order from start to finish, and that each piece is carefully designed with my original illustrations.


As an illustrated and designer of paper-based products, it's always my mission to reduce unneccessary waste, and to reduce my impact on the planet whilst I do it.

When sourcing new products, packaging and anything else paper-based, it is always my goal to find paper and cardboard products that are FSC certified, sustainably sourced, or recycled.

For more info on sustainability, check out my sustainability policy.


I've been an avid illustrator ever since I began to specialise in illustration in my second year at Uni. I was fascinated with creating beautiful drawings and applying them to products that people could treasure in their homes, and so eventually I graduated in 2016, jumped straight into running my own business, and never looked back!

I kicked things off with the publishing my book, House Jungle, straight out of my degree, and began working on developing designs, learning everything I could about running a small business, and dispatching orders from a desk in the corner of my uni bedroom!

Over time, my business has followed me from there to my childhood bedroom, to a small flat outside of London, and finally to a cosy little studio space in our home in Hertfordshire, where in 2019, designing products and packing your orders became my full time job. Best job in the world!


Since 2016, I've been so lucky to be featured in some amazing blogs and publications, such as:

Mollie Makes

Woman & Home

Betty Magazine

The Telegraph Christmas Gift Guide

Simple Things Magazine


I'm so lucky to have my work stocked in some amazing independent shops, florists and more across the UK and the world, such as: Handmade Nottingham - Indica Guernsey - Botanique Workshop - Julia Davey - Pamplemousse Dorset - Paper Hearts Dubai - Ideas En Polvo - In Bloom Flowers - Bricks and Makers as well many more!


I design illustrated home and paper goods that bring a little bit of everyday magic to your life. Life is tough enough, let’s make the most of the magic. 

I make things for people who love big, try hard and care deeply. For those who want to bring the best gift to the birthday party. For the list-makers, the gift-wrap-and-ribbon tyers, the moodboard makers, and the “shelfie” stylers. For interior lovers, gallery wall planners, and Christmas-list writers.

I believe in original design, in taking your time, and turning it into something unique and beautiful. In following your creativity, believing in it, and sticking at it. I believe in doing your best wherever possible - from making sustainable packaging choices, to searching constantly for the perfect suppliers to make the products of your dreams. I believe in surrounding yourself with beauty, doin’ it for the ‘gram and making a little magic. 

I started my shop in 2016 after finishing my Graphic Design degree at Nottingham Trent. It was there that I fell in love with small, independent shops, and discovered the beautiful community of small makers and designers selling their work online. I jumped in head first, made some questionable first art prints and never looked back! After working from uni rooms,  a childhood bedroom and a one bed flat, nowadays I spend my time creating new collections, packing your orders and spending too much time chatting on Insta stories  from my home studio (which is a glamourous name for “the back bedroom”) just outside of London.

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I believe strongly in taking my time to work on a few collections a year, to produce seasonal styles that you'll look forward to switching-out each year, or popping in the post to your loved ones. I