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It's Almost Father's Day

Written by Annie Dornan-Smith


Posted on June 04 2019

What is it that makes you think of Dad?

For me it's "Full Irish Breakfasts" of eggs, toast, potato bread, beans and sosmix sausages - Dad's specialty. It's making scones in the kitchen, and homemade chips wrapped in newspaper, just like the chip shop. It's Britney's debut album (my choice) and The Gypsy Kings (his). It's containers in the kitchen, the study, the car, filled with odd screws, pegs, pens, perhaps a receipt or two, and a pencil sharpened with a stanley knife. Of course.  

father's day card surrounded by freshly grown produce, a cuppa and some sunflowersfather's day card surrounded by freshly grown produce, a cuppa and some sunflowers


Greatest Dad Ever Card    |    Unbeleafable Dad Card 

It's being distracted by some unseen fascination behind you, only to turn back and realise you're a chip short - it's dad-hands drumming the steering wheel along to the radio, and trips after school to Thorntons for a bag of precious Viennesse Truffles. 

My dad always had belief in my business - I think "love what you do and you'll never work a day in your life" might be ingrained on the inside of my skull. 

It's always been dad-to-the-rescue - to drive the van, to put up the shelves, to taxi me from uni to home, and most recently and notably - to whip up a fantastic and portable display for fairs and markets

In a lot of ways, my dad is not the typical dad - there's no football, fishing, golf of lager over here! But in other ways, he really is - poised to instruct me on how to fix the boiler, ready to listen to another mouldy-rental flat-meltdown, stationed behind the wheel of a removal van, with a screwdriver in hand and an awful dad-joke on the lips. 

And when I design dad-cards, I design that kind of dad in mind. A dad who gives a lot, cares a lot, and deserves a little something special, and super thoughtful. Thanks dad, for being the brawns behind the business, the underpaid R&D department, and the on-call maintenance man!

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