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Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas

last minute gift ideas - baking, booze and other christmas gift ideas! | Annie Dornan Smith - Illustrated Home and Paper Goods UK |

The Big Day is drawing nearer and (hopefully) your to-do lists are getting shorter (especially if you've been using my downloadable christmas shopping planner) but maybe you've found that there are a few pesky family members or friends who are still hanging about on that "to-buy lists. Last minute presents are not always the lazy/busy person's solution - often I find certain people are so tricky to buy for that as the shopping trips draw to an end, you still haven't found the perfect something.

There's also those (lovely) pesky people who catch you off guard with a gift when you weren't expecting one, so I find having a few "emergency" presents like these on hand is the perfect way to give something last minute that feels thoughtful and tasteful.

homemade christmas rocky road - perfect quick last minute christmas gift!

Baked Goods 

You're probably doing some festive baking anyway right? Why not whip up one (or two, or five) extra batches of your christmas cookies (or in my case, Christmas Rocky Road) for those tricky-to-buy-for people and those aunts that swear blind they don't want anything. You can pick up pretty cake boxes from bakery supply stores (or online if you're feeling as organised as I was) and fill it with homemade treats. Some recipes I'm hoping to try out (and which won't go stale in the box) are: 

- Nigella's Christmas Puddini Bonbons
- Homemade Chocolate Lebkuchen
- Almond Biscotti
- Chocolate Honeycomb
- Mini Panettones!

christmas gift idea: a mig with a hot chocolate kit and miniatures!

Mini "Kits" (that you can use up!) 

No solitary branded wine glasses from Christmases past hanging around here!

It can be great fun to put together little mini "experiences" within a gift, like a little hot chocolate treat set! I picked up a few cute and chic hot chocolate and marshmallow kits from little independent brand The Naked Marshmallow co (but any brand that feels a bit "different" or like you actually spent a bit of time and energy finding it will do) and paired them with a little miniature of baileys - all ready for a Boxing Day hot toddy. For kids and tee-totalers, try a syrup, sprinkles or a little box of pretty biscuits. If you're wanting to up the budget, try adding a pair of pretty mugs. 

It's not incredibly original, but doesn't it feel nicer than something ready-made and pre-packaged from the "christmas" aisle in sainsburys. Tailor it to your person - it could be candles and nail polish for the pamperer, interesting pickles and preserves for a foody, or posh crisps and wine for the connoisseur.

Now that you've reached the end (and this post is live!) It's mere days to Christmas, so what are you waiting for? Stock up on flour, rummage through the miniatures and get cracking!


last minute gift ideas - baking, booze and other christmas gift ideas! | Annie Dornan Smith - Illustrated Home and Paper Goods UK |