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New Year's Stationery Edit

The New Years Stationery Edit - Annie Dornan Smith

Start as You Mean to Go on!

The start of a new year is like the life-version of that “fresh notebook” feeling don’t you think? it’s a time for finding spots for your new Christmas gifts, starting diaries and calendars and getting set for another year. I’m already itching to rearrange the studio and crack out a fresh notebook and judging by the uptick in to-do list sales this last week, there’s more than a few of you ready to get organized, too!

I pulled together a little stationery edit to get you inspired for a fresh new year, because nothing says “let’s do this shit” like a checkbox waiting to be ticked, and a crisp, fresh page!

a peachy pink collection of stationery and desk accessories

1 - Peaches Pencil Set - perfect for pepping up a soulless workspace, and going matchy-matchy with the rest of the collection!

2 - Peach Pattern Notebook - ruled inside for lecture notes, shopping lists or other essential scribblings.

3 - Peaches “Notes” Desk Pad - nothing is as joyful as tearing off a page of a desk pad to reveal a crisp new page, ready to write on.

4 - Paint Swatch Notebook - Something a little more abstract and chic for your desk

5 - Mono To-Do List Desk Pad - a classic - no messing around here, just getting shit ticked off with satisfying little check boxes.


What would you use to get your year kick-started?