Sample Sale

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      What is the Sample Sale? 

      Once a year, I run a huge sample sale filled with items that are samples (early versions of existing designs), seconds (slightly imperfect items that never make it to the shelves due to their damage or imperfections) or discontinued / end-of-line items that are taking up room in the studio. The large majority are Seconds items - e.g. items with a slight print flaw, ink or dirt marks, or slight damage. 

      What Kind of Flaws Should I Expect? 

      Each item will have the flaw detailed in the description, and a photograph of an example of the issue - these photographs represent an example of the flaw, not the exact item you will get. 

      Usually, this tends to be - damage sustained in transit ( eg dents to the prints or card edges, or scratches across the front of the design), or misaligned printing/foiling (eg foil that doesn’t perfectly line up with the design, or places where the foil has not properly stuck, leaving a blank spot underneath)

      Can I Reserve Items?

      Unfortunately, to keep things fair, and to help streamline the chaos that the Sample Sale always is - I can’t set things aside or reserve them for you. Items become yours once you have checked out - whilst they are still in your basket, they are not yet secured, so be sure to check out as soon as you can! However, please don’t worry - there is SO much in the sale this year. I can almost guarantee you’ll get something you had your eye on. 

      When will I get my Items?

      I will be doing my best to stick to my typical turnarounds (dispatched in 1-3 days) but sometimes the huge influx of orders, plus the extra care needed to make sure you get the correct items might delay turnaround slightly. Your patience is hugely appreciated!