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19 New Arrivals for Late Summer

Happy August Friends, I’m melting at my desk as I write this! It’s been a week of glorious sunshine, and evenings that smell of summer holidays, which felt like the most perfect window of British summer sunshine to be launching my late summer collection! 

Can't Wait to Squeeze You Card

At the start of 2020 I had grand plans for this year’s new launches - I’d intended to skip spring and summer to focus on developing my work, and really take the time to experiment and play, before launching an Autumn collection. But, just like almost everyone else, my general vision for how 2020 would pan out went into the bin around about the time the lockdown was put in place!


new in cards arranged on a pink background


It’s been a strange few months, and I haven’t had the time and resources I expected to dedicate to a new collection, so I decided to put it on the back burner, and instead focus my efforts into something I’d been meaning to do for a while: round out some of my existing collections and release them as a kind of mini-launch, perfect for mid-late summer!


Peach patterned wrapping paper sheets

Peach Patterned Wrap Sheets

The new release features 15 lovely new greetings cards that add to the Peachy Keen, Citron and Botanical Blooms collections, but I didn’t stop there. I finally found the courage to begin offering a new product: giftwrap in 4 lovely new designs, with more to come later in the year! 


It was strange going back to old designs and re-working and adding to them. In some ways my design process has changed so much, but I’m happy to have the chance to add to the collections, especially with a few more years’ experience and fresh eyes to view them with. 


a collection of all the new arrivals

New Arrivals

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