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2 Easy Valentine's Brunch Ideas

Ello Lovebirds! I'm back this week with some easy V-Day brunch ideas for the looming holiday of lurrrve - whether you prefer a big or small brunch, these recipes are quick, painless and sure to look like you put in some srs effort. Both recipes serve 2, but if you're flyin' solo this Valentines, that just means more for you, right?


A classic. Here's an absolutely no-fuss method to get those fluffy li'l dreams out of the pan and onto the breakfast tray ASAP. 


1/2 cup of Self Raising Flour
1 1/2 tsp of Baking Powder
2 tbsp Sugar
1 tbsp of Sunflower Oil
3/4 cup Milk
1 x egg
Pinch Of Salt
Butter for cooking

additionally, you'll need some toppings! I went for good old Banana, Strawberries and Maple syrup, with a sprinkle of white chocolate stars. 


Throw everything but the toppings and butter into a bowl and whisk.

Using kitchen towel or similar, grease a non-stick frying pan with a little covering of butter and put on a low heat. Plop a small ladle or large spoonful of batter into the pan.

Flip when bubbles appear on the top of the pancake, and fry for another minute or two, until both sides are golden.

Wipe off the browning butter from the pan with a fresh piece of kitchen towel, then re-grease the pan and repeat until the batter is gone! (This seems like a lot of effort but it really isn't - wiping the pan just stops the old butter from burning and turning all your pancakes black/making your kitchen smoky)

Then, pile the goods up on pretty plates, add a generous helping of toppings (I cut the banana and strawbs into heart shapes because, yanno, Valentines, and, well, Pinterest) and take them back up to bed to devour. 



If you want to make the effort but you'd rather spend more time with bae (and get your hands on those PRESENTS, amirite?) overnight oats are perfect because you make them the night before, leave them in the fridge, and then jazz them up in the morning.


1 cup rolled oats
1  cup plain yoghurt or milk
2 x ripe nectarines, diced (and extra for pretty toppings)
1 tbsp Honey  
1 big handful of white chocolate chips( if you're feeling decadent)

I also think this would be nice with a fruit compote type thing in place of fresh nectarines - certainly faster than chopping and de-stoning if you're looking for speed.


Mix all the ingredients in a bowl. Pop them in a container and leave them for several hours - preferably overnight. 

Serve it up the next morning - half each in pretty bowls - and top with slices of nectarine and a handful of chocolate chips. 

Enjoy! I hope these recipes inspired you this year, whether you're making breakfast-in-bed for bae or just treatin'-yo-self. See you next week!