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Small Space Christmas Decor - 2022

'Tis once again the season for twinkly lights, sparkling decorations and candlelight, and I couldn't be happier. I truly come alive in my most festive form in December, and so I thought I'd share this year's Christmas Home Decor in our small space this year - inspired as always by natural themes, soft pinks and oranges, and plenty of my festive illustrations. 

Living Room Christmas Decor UK

Small Space Living Room Decor

As always, we go for a real tree, and it was so much fun picking it out. I always defer to my partner on this one - he has an excellent eye for the most perfectly even, lush and conical shaped Christmas tree! Once the tree is up in the stand, we popped it in water and leave it to settle whilst I decorate the other areas of the house. It was my first year displaying this beautiful garland, and I added some pinecone shaped lights for a little extra Christmas magic. I have also had these lovely mini bells for years, and this year I found the perfect spot for them woven into the garland. 

Christmas coffee table decor 2022

The coffee table is a great spot to add some cosy Christmas decor, and this year I opted for some beautiful paper trees, and this gorgeous bauble-shaped candle that I can't quite bring myself to light!

Small space real Christmas tree decor UK - 2022

 Like almost every tree, mine is decorated with a collection I've amassed over many years now - I started collecting in probably 2014/15. I have always tried to stick to a theme though - mostly creams, pinks, burnt oranges and golds, with the odd splash of other colours in there too. I really love decorating the tree, and I think the addition of some DIY wooden bead garlands really sets off the "vintage" vibe. 

Christmas tree ribbon decor

This year, I accessorised under the tree with an old Fortnum & Mason basket hamper - I'm using it to store gifts until they're ready to be wrapped and I think it looks wonderful under there, accessorised with a few ribbons and decorations. 

Christmas Shelf Decor

Christmas home decor - shelf decor 2022 UK

We are so lucky to have a beautiful set of built in shelves to style, and I love switching them up for each season. I always take everything off, and start putting things back on one piece at a time, to create a sense of balance. of course, the plants and the very glamorous router have to stay, but switching the more Christmassy-coloured books to a more visible spot, and adding a few bits of Christmas shelf decor adds a little festivity to this corner!

Christmas Art Print

Christmas Art Print - Wall Art

I accessorised this spot this year with my new Christmas Tree Wall Art Print and some bottle brush tree. Perfect for adding some festive touches to my cabinets & sideboards. Check out my Christmas Prints for more festive prints to add to your festive decor!

Homemade Evergreen Wreath

homemade evergreen christmas wreath - christmas curb appeal!

Since learning to make my own wreaths, each year I pinch an armful of evergreens (plus any branches trimmed from the Christmas Tree!) from my mum's garden to make my own homemade wreath. It is filled with Christmas tree cuttings, Rosehips, Christmas Box, Mistletoe, Holly and even some Hydrangeas and Sage for a pop of warm Christmas colour.