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3rd Business Birthday!

3rd biz birthday - annie sitting on a sofa with a big "3" balloon!


Today is a special day! As well as conveniently the start of a shiny new tax year, 6th April marks my business birthday! This year, Annie Dornan Smith (the business, not the girl, lol!) is THREE! Three years marks the day I signed up for Shopify and started a 'proper business' - y'know, one that's actually intended to make money.

So, to mark another year of not throwing-in-the-towel in favour of a "real job" - let's take a look back at the past year! (& stay tuned for a treat at the end!)



Since last year, I have....

Launched 3 New "Core" Collections

Not including Christmas (which comes and goes with the seasons, obvs) - SUPER LOVE, Peachy Keen and By the Beach are all new collections that have joined the site since last year!

Peach Pattern Notebook Flatlay SUPER LOVE print, against a pink velvet backdrop


.. that's 46 new products!

Holy crap I did not realise it would be this many! Looking at it that way, I suddenly realise where all the spare cash is going...

Relocated, Ahem, Operations...

Ok technically we moved on April 1st, but over the last 12 months, my business has followed me from a tiny 1-bed flat, working from our kitchen/living room, to having a dedicated "studio" in our lovely new house. 

Shot, Styled and Retouched 11 New Photoshoots

Shoots small and big, every couple of weeks I get the "reshooting" itch and start thinking about how the next lot of photos can be improved! Some stand-out shoots that I loved from the past year are the Christmas Collection, the velvet-y glory of the SUPER LOVE collection, and the flatlays from the Peachy Keen collection!

christmas photoshoot behind-the-scenes

Sent 36 Gorgeously Crafted Newsletter Emails

My arty farty little brain just can't tolerate a newsletter that isn't as lovely and creative as my products, so inevitably I spend far too long making them look as swish as possible. Wanna see? You can join the mailing list here for gorgeous emails, discount codes, new launches and the annual Sample Sale invite in your inbox.


Held 1 Glorious Sample Sale

Bigger and better than the previous year, and my "seconds/samples" cupboard is already piling up ready for another one this year!

a pile of nearly-perfect sample sale cards

Reached 8k Followers on Insta

Hooray! 8,000 beautiful people who are interested in the daily goings-on over on Insta. That swipe up function is so close I can taste it. ;)

Sold 784 British Bee Prints

Forever a bestseller! It blows my mind that my lovely bee print is in so many homes across the world!

Posted 280 Snaps to my Insta Grid

The addiction is real. 

Registered for my First Trade Show!

One of my 2019 goals down by the 2nd quarter. Nailed it!

Gained 1 Lovely New Stockist 

Never been so smug as I am now that I am supplying the lovely &Hobbs!

Sold 233 Christmas Cards

Didn't see this one coming - I had to place an emergency order for more over the Christmas rush! I am so, so grateful to have what felt like a truly successful Christmas, and I am forever thankful for all of you wonderful people who gifted Annie Dornan Smith cards over Christmas. As a complete Christmas-aholic, it truly made my Christmas. 

Peach Pattern Notebook Flatlay SUPER LOVE print, against a pink velvet backdrop


Penned 40 Blog Posts

...not including some I - er - deleted! That's close to one-per-week, which isn't bad going! 

Placed 16 Orders for Royal Mail Mailbags That Never Materialised

No shade Royal Mail, but srsly, help a gal out. 

Taken 1 delivery of approximately 2493254895t Royal Mail Mailbags (I asked for 30)

Ok, RM, passive aggressive much?

instagram story screenshot of the huge pile of mailbags I was delivered by royal mail after waiting weeks!

Filled 200 Sketchbook Pages 

(approx. Who can say exactly how many I tore out in a rage, or scribbled shopping list onto?)

Made a 123% Increase In Sales Since Last Year 

Well that's a satisfying number, isn't it! This figure is the total of my sales across all my platforms (excluding craft fairs) and it makes me believe that even in this big, scary brexit-y mess, there might just be room for the little guys working their socks off after all!


Putting it all into perspective like this has filled me with so much pride, and so much gratitude for all of your support. I truly couldn't do this without all of you! Thanks to everyone who bought a print for your mum, a card for your bff, tagged a pal in an insta comment, liked a photo, popped a product in a gift guide post, clicked a link in a newsletter, etc etc.... you get it! So, to say a big thank you, and to celebrate being able to do this whole business thing for 3 whole years, I'm offering you a special discount - available site-wide!


For this weekend only (00:01 6th April to 24:00 7th April!) you can get a major 

30% off all products, site-wide!

All you have to do is fill up your basket with whatever you had your eye on, head to checkout, and add code 30FOR3RD in the discount code bar!