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Making Mother's Day

 Every year I get a little older, and a little more like my mum.


best mum ever card on a stack of stationery and envelopes

Best Mum Ever Paint Swatch Card 


But that's ok. Why wouldn't I want to be intelligent, creative, brave, strong, hilarious and beautiful? As an only child of separated parents, we've ended up in a Lorelai-and-Rory kind of relationship that has always prompted "wow, you're so much like your mum". 

photographs of me and mum laid on a table with flowers

This year I'm feeling so thankful to get so many beautiful things in life from my mum. I'm thankful not just for feeding and clothing me all these years, but for all the wonderful ways of living life that she passes on to me.

My mum has always been creative, and so it was natural for me to be creative, too. Birthdays were full of handmade cards, and home-baked cakes - of prettily wrapped gifts waiting on the dining room table. No doubt this tradition of putting a piece of yourself into making beautiful moments and things has carried through into my business today.

mother's day cards scattered across a table surrounded buy stationery and a cup of coffee

The Mother's Day Edit

I see my mum in myself whenever I decide on a whim to start a new project, without questioning whether I know how to tackle it, if it will be good, or whether I have all the materials. Whether re-covering furniture, using a drill or altering a dress - my mum modeled the confidence to just take an idea and roll with it.

Mum's love of plants and bees gave me some of my best-selling products, and they started life as homemade mother's day gifts. 

mother's day card arranged on a tablemother's day card help up against bunches of flowers





 Thank You Mother's Day Card // Unbeleafable Mother's Day Card 

For mother's day this year I've pulled together a collection of beautiful gift ideas -check out the edit for gorgeous, unique and lovely things which are all filled up with that same love and attention, and fuleled by that confidence and self belief. See the Mother's Day Edit here, or join the mailing list and get seasonal reminders in your inbox - so you'll always have plenty of time to shop mother's day!

Have the sweetest day card

Have the sweetest day card