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6 Ways to Display Prints in a Rental Home

Nothing is quite as heartbreaking about renting a home as the general ban on hole-in-the-wall making. I know it makes sense - it only takes one over-confident milennial to get a bit adventurous with the power drill and you have a nightmare on your hands, but you're still telling me I can't have that palm-print wallpaper of dreams in my life yet, I've got to deal with that creeping black mould in the shower AND I can't even put my cute prints on the wall?!

Never fear! I have the solution. Actually - I have 6, and they're all pretty cheap, easy and v aesthetically pleasing. So, If you're like me and you need a bit of colour on those boring blank walls, i'm here to make your wall-art dreams come true.

1. Washi Tape

Lets just get the obvious one out of the way first. Washi tape is cheap, cute and doesn't mark the walls (um, well it shouldn't anyway... I have had a mishap or two along the way, so be sure to choose a not-very-sticky variety!) Tape the top, the corners, or make pretty little frames with it.


le citron print hanging with command strips over a sofa

2. Command Strips

I big these up all the time because they're so great for when you want to frame your prints like an actual adult - they will hold some pretty heavy frames. They stick to the wall on one side, the other side sticks to your frame, and both sides are stuck together with some fancy velcro. Magic.

What's more, to remove them, you just pull down on the tab gently (for the love of GOD, gently. And slowly.) and it comes away from the wall damage free. They do different sizes to hold different weights, and will hold surprisingly large frames. Also, Pro-tip (well actually, more like janky DIY tip) you can reduce the weight of the frame by removing the backing board of  of the frame and taping the print securely to the frame. This obviously depends on how precious the frame, the print etc is.

3. Notice Boards

Prop up a cork board, a peg board on your desk and go cray with the print display layout possibilities. 

4. Metal Wire Display 

The most "blogger" thing ever at the moment - there are loads of options to DIY a pretty wire grid. Either prop against the wall or use command HOOKS to hang it on the wall and clip cute prints to it. Perfect.

5. The Plywood Plank

Better than it sounds! Prop up a reasonable-sized piece of pretty plywood (is there enough Ps in that sentence?) and go wild with washi tape, pins & nails to display the prints, then prop it up against the wall. The wood adds a minimal workspace vibe and a little contrast to your (probably boring white or cream) rental walls. This is a super chic example from Trendenser (click through for source)

6. Prop 'Em Up

Super simple - just prop 'em up. Why not? They look just as cute leaning against the wall, on top of your dresser. This works great when you have a selection of sizes, too. Layers, people. 

I hope you found some useful tips! May your print-displaying dreams come true!



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