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A Free Autum Update for Your Tech

Happy Solidly-into-Autumn everyone! With the changing seasons I’ve been feeling inspired to create some autumn themed lettering to share and get everyone into the autumn mood (like you needed any help!) But why stop at posting to Instagram? I thought it might be nice to share a little download here on the blog for you to adorn your technology with this season!

Autumn most certainly feels like “Pyjama Season” and certainly in my chilly house it is (along with blanket season, candle season, and gently roaring electric fan heater season!) There’s something magical and exciting about the beginning of Autumn: enjoying staying home and hibernating with absolutely no guilt about staying indoors; listening to the rain patter on the roof and finally being able to don your biggest, fluffiest Pyjamas with a cuppa in hand and a something to binge-watch nearby.

a white coffee table holding a smartphone, cup of coffee, book and a candlea white coffee table holding a smartphone, cup of coffee, book and a candle

Grab your free download here to get a fresh coat of autumn-themed paint for your tech this season:


You are welcome to use this download for your all your tech-dressing needs, but please keep it to personal use (i.e please don’t post the design directly to social media, use it in blog posts, apply filter or edits to it, and most definitely not for use in paid projects or design work. Thank you! <3 )