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Autumn Home Decor Ideas To Help Create Some Cosy Corners

Nothing like a fortnight of rain to make you feel like lighting a candle or two, eh?

It’s a secret to absolutely nobody that as soon as September comes around, I have Christmas on my mind. But, my tendency to think ahead can sometimes mean that in autumn our home becomes a bit of a “waiting room” for Christmas. I’m determined to dedicate some time to adding some cosy corners to my home, and revel in the Autumn months a little more. Here are my autumn home decor ideas that are inspiring me this month.

a round up of inspiring autumn decor ideas





Not just for halloween! Perfect to lend a bit of autumn to your decor, then turn into delicious soup towards the end of the season!


Cosy Lighting

These Phillips Hue bulbs can be dimmed to cosy cocoon levels without moving from the sofa, and you can sync them to your TV/computer for cinema-at-home level immersion!


Nothing says “settling in for the evening” like the flicker of candlelight! This year I finally got to create a product that’s been on my mind forever - a spicy, cosy candle to match my autumn floral collection.


Swap your Flowers for Dried

A bundle of sculptural, dried flowers makes a wonderful substitute to fill your vases over the colder months - already in perfect autumnal hues. Bonus points for compostability if they get a little tatty or dusty.


Switch Over Your Art

Switch your brighter, poppier wall art over to some autumnal toned prints that complement your autumn decor. Choose ones that fit your existing frames - a low-effort way to transform the vibe, which can be switched back again once the warmer months roll around. 


Add Some Bougee Accents

Autumn always has me admiring all things grand and vintage inspired. Take the opportunity to play with velvet cushions, gold cord and fringing, brass details and embroidery. I'm obsessed with these gold tasseled curtain ties, and all the velvet soft furnishing finished with embroidery details.


Reflect the Light

The early dusk can be cosy, but the grey days can get a little old. Reflect some light around your room with mirrors to make a space feel bigger and brighter.