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Cute Frames for A4 Prints

cute frames for A4 prints - Annie Dornan Smith


Look online anywhere these days and you'll find an array of chic, illustrated prints - from small businesses like mine, to the big homeware brands. Prints have always been an affordable way to bring a bit of creativity and colour into your homes - a way to support and treasure the artwork you love, without dropping The Big Money on a one-off piece. 

Increasingly, these prints seem to come in standard paper sizes (A6, A5, A4 etc)  as opposed to the traditional photo-size (8x10", 6x4" etc) - most likely due to the rise of independent creative businesses like mine (some of my bestsellers are my A4 prints ) Nowadays, it's pretty standard to expect your prints to come in A4 size.

Apparently, though, the makers-of-cool-and-cute-frames didn't get the memo, as they often only come in traditional photo sizes.  There are lots of ways to display prints in your home, but actually finding a frame that fits can be a challenge!

That's why I put together a round up of cute frames for a4 prints to suit all abodes and budgets. My particular faves are the Oliver Bonas hanging frame (5) and the Rose Gold John Lewis number (8), but sometimes a cheap, plain frame can have just as pleasing an effect!

1. White A4 Photo Frame - £5.49 - Amazon
2. A4 Hanging Frame - £9.95 - Muji
3. A3 Frame with A4 Mount - £30.00 - John Lewis
4. Gold and Glass Hanging Frame - £26.00 - Oliver Bonas
5. Easy Photo Frame in Black - £2.00 - Wilko
6. Corda Frame in Natural - £15.00 - Umbra
7. Ribba Oak Effect Frame - £6.00 - IKEA
8. Rose Gold Photo Frame - £26.00 - John Lewis

Here's to your pinterest-worthy walls of the future - go forth and frame those paper-size prints to your heart's content!