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Ideas for How to Spend Your Lockdown Valentine's Day

Lockdown Valentines Ideas

Love is in the Air!

Valentine’s Day is almost here, and It’s never been a lower-key affair than it’s set to be this year. I know that many people don’t see the need for fuss on Valentine’s Day, but after almost a year in-and-out of Lockdown,with many couples physically apart from each other, there’s something to be said for making a little everyday magic wherever you can!  If you’re anything like me, after a year of celebrating every occasion at home, you’re likely running low on creativity, so I pulled together some lockdown Valentine’s Day ideas to help you celebrate the small things. 



Holding a floral card that reads "you are blooming lovely" infront of a breakfeast-in-bed trayBlooming Lovely Greetings Card 

Lie-In Late (Yay Sundays!) With Coffee and Croissants

Valentine’s day doesn’t necessarily have to be all chocolate, champagne and roses. If you’re into a more low-key way to celebrate the day, take advantage of this year’s snooze-friendly timing, with a late lie in with breakfast in bed, and maybe a little Sunday afternoon TV. Pick up fresh coffee, croissants and other takeaway treats from your local bakery, or pop a pack of bake-at-home treats in the oven whilst you while the morning away. 



Blood Orange Tart - Delicious Magazine

Cook Something New Together

A classic “romantic” activity, this year is the perfect chance to spend time together at home by cooking together. Pick some recipies and add them to your shopping list this week, ready to throw on some atmospheric music, pour out a glass of something special and create something delicious. Try something new that you don't often have the time for - like making your own pasta, or noodles - and then sit down to scarf the fruits of your labour together.




A person in an apron, holding a bowl of freshly made Shoryu Ramen

Try Out a Meal Kit (and Support Small/Local!)

Exhausted all the takeaway options in your area at this point? (Guilty) Take the lower-effort approach with one of many meal kits on offer at the moment. With  restaurants turning to at-home offerings in lockdown, a meal kit is the perfect way to add a bit more pizzazz to your valentine's meal, and is also a great way support small and/or local businesses. I've ordered this Shoryu Ramen kit to try this year. This choice is also ideal for couples who are physically apart - just order one each and prepare the steps together over video call!



A Year of Movie Night Dates

Create an At-Home Cinema

One of our favourite things to do when we were on a serious budget and couldn’t afford to go to the cinema very often was to create one at home. Now we can't go if we wanted to - but secretly I kind of prefer  this way - less noise, phone screen lights and poorly times bathroom breaks! If you’ve exhausted all of Netflix’s offering - try splashing out and downloading one from Google play, or you can even often borrow movies from your local Library. We sync our TV to the Phillips Hue bulbs in our living room to add to the “cinema” experience (lord knows what it looks like from the street!) and go all-out on movie snacks: homemade nachos, freshly popped popcorn, chocolate - the works. 



playing Animal Crossing on the Nintendo Switch

Games and Wine Night

If you’ve got a pile of unloved games gathering dust at home - this could be just the time to crack them out! From playing cards to couch co-op, there’s nothing better than a bit of a giggle and some healthy competition with someone you love - alcoholic beverage optional!  It’s not restricted to board games either - maybe it’s time to dig out that ancient old games console and relive some childhood nostalgia together, or discover a new favourite to play together. 



holding a gold pen, about to write inside a white valentine's card that reads "best bae" in gold, above a pair of illustrated heart shaped sunglasses.

Best Bae Valentines / Galentines Card

Write to Someone You Love

In a time where we’re often glued to our devices, there’s a lot to be said for sitting down and putting pen to paper. From the smell and feel of new paper, the action of putting ink to page, and the process of penning your thoughts down to someone, there’s something meditative about taking the time to actually write to someone. Whether it’s for a far away loved one, the person you sit and scroll in bed next to, or just a few gal/palentines you’re missing, if you’re usually too busy for Valentine’s Cards, maybe this year is the opportunity to slow down and write something they can treasure.



art supplies laid out on a table ready to be used

Try a New Hobby Together

Much like meal kits, 2020 saw an explosion of fun activities and workshops to try at home. Take the time to learn something new together like at-home ceramics kits, or one I think would be particularly rewarding: Order a few art supplies have a Bob Ross painting party. You can often find reruns on Twitch. Also a great one for those of you living alone this year - make it virtual with your long-distance love, or even just your mates. 



a light and airy bedroom with a cup of coffee on the nighstand. Two flroals printsh ang above the bed.

Spring Florals Collection

Switch off For a Day

If all of that seems like too much fuss, perhaps just taking an evening to switch-off is the choice for you. With Valentine’s day falling on a Sunday, it’s the perfect opportunity to down-devices for a day and disconnect from the doomscrolling and endless notifications. Go about your day without the distractions of modern life, spend the afternoon reading, crafting, journaling, painting, cooking - whatever it is that sounds fun to you while giving eachother your undivided attention. 



However you spend the day, I hope you manage to make it as magical as Lockdown allows! For Valentine’s Day gifting inspiration, check out my Valentine’s Day Edit now!