9 Gorgeous Mother's Day Gift Ideas

It’s hard to believe we’re nearing a second Mother’s Day in Lockdown, but it’s nearly here and for many of us it’s been a long time since we saw our mums in the flesh! So if you’re looking for a mother’s day gift idea that’s stylish, a little bit sentimental, and guaranteed to be as special as she is, I’ve rounded up a few ideas to inspire you for Mother’s Day this year. 

A Unique, Illustrated Mother’s Day Card

a floral mother's day card sitting on a breakfast in bed tray of coffee, pastries and flowers

In a time where we’re so reliant on the digital, take some time to put some heartfelt words down on paper for her to treasure - and what better way than in an independently made, illustrated mother's day card that’s as special as she is. Whether you’re doing a doorstep drop-off, sending through the post, or still stuck in your childhood bedroom whilst you should have been away at uni, a handwritten greetings card is the perfect way to make mum feel appreciated.

A Bit of Beautiful Home Decor 

a brown and white japanese anemone print in a natural wood frame, propped up on a striped cotton tablecloth with a candle, vase and table decorations


Spring is on the horizon and now that the sun has started to make an appearance, the spring-cleaning motivation to spruce-up is kicking in! Find her favourite flower to spruce up her  space, or send her a delicious candle to scent it. Guaranteed to remind her she is lovely every time she sees or smells it. Click here to check out Home Decor. Ps - send it directly if you won’t get to see her in person this year with some gorgeous gift wrapping

Truly Magnificent Flowers

Shopping local never looked so stylish! I spotted their van on a morning walk and have never been happier to discover something new - look at these floral delights! Perfect to send along with one of my floral cards, for the traditional, flower-loving mum. 

For The Far-Away Mum

hands holding a pale yellow cards with "MISS YOU" embossed in rainbow letter across the front. A background of hydrangea flowers is seen behind

Like many of you I'm sure, Mother’s Day for me marks over a year since the last time I stayed with my mum, and it completely sucks. But I still want to make sure she’s loved, appreciated, and well and truly missed. Check out these cards that are perfect for mums who are on the other side of the country, planet, or even just the M25. 

A Garden-themed Gift


The arrival of the sun always fills us Brits with some optimism for the warmer months, and despite some hope for easing of restrictions, 2021 looks likely to be largely an outdoor affair. With that in mind, a garden-themed gift is the perfect thing for the coming summer months, like these pretty chair pads, a beautiful Bee Print, or a plant-themed greetings card to complete the gift! 

a framed print of painted roses propped on a radiator surrounded by houseplant leaves

A Tipple-By-Post

For the mums that love a tipple or two - find her a little something fancy to accompany the obligatory video call - send her that bottle of bubbly you’d usually pop in with her present, or opt for a fancy gift box or kit to mix things up. 

Something “for When It’s All Over”

Can't wait to squeeze you card

Can't Wait to Squeeze You Card 

If you’re both in need of a little something to hope for (aren’t we all) - pick her a present for the future, when you can have some fun together again - spa vouchers, theatre tickets, fine dining, whatever floats her boat - just be sure to choose something with flexible dates!

Something for a New Mum

rainbow lettered and embossed card that reads "You are doing so great!"

You are Doing So Great Encouragament Card 

Celebrating a first Mother’s Day must be a truly magical moment. Make it special with a little message of encouragement, along with some home comforts for a likely exhausted new parent - whether it’s a meal-kit delivered to the door for easy preparation, a cosy new set of PJs, or just a few minutes to herself to take a shower, eat a proper meal and sit down in one spot - it’s sure to mark the moment in a small and lovely way. 

For the Mother Figure you don’t call “Mum”

holding a floral patterned card with gold foil lettering that reads "if people were flowers, I'd pick you". A bouquet of lilies can be seen in the top right corner.

 If People Were Flowers Card 

Not everyone has the traditional, nuclear TV-Sitcom version of a family, and for many reasons traditional Mother's Day gifts and cards don't always fit perfectly. But if there’s someone in your life who’s been a mother-type figure that you’d like to acknowledge this year, here’s some ideas to show them they’re loved.

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