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9 Indie Mother's Day Gift Ideas

It's time to celebrate Mum! It's the time of year when the country goes mother's day mad, and the selection of gifts for mums and mother figures is huge! There are many options out there for mother's day gifts, but if you're looking for something a little unique, or feel like spending your money on shopping small this year, check out my round up of these lovely indie mother's day gift ideas!

Just because I love you mother's day gift idea - a4 print

When Is Mother's Day in the UK?

In the UK, Mother's Day falls on the fourth Sunday of Lent - the traditional Christian observance leading up to Easter -  and typically falls in mid-late March or early April. Lent begins 46 days before Easter Sunday. 

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The History of Mother's Day:

Originally in the UK, Mother's Day didn't have much to do with actual parents! People would take the fourth Sunday of Lent to return to their "mother church" - typically this time was a moment when the whole family could be together, but it was not until some influence from USA and Canada in the early 20th century that it became the commerical holiday that it is today.

Regardless of it's origin, it's certainly a well celebrated holiday today, and can be a lovely way to mark your appreciation for your mothers and mother figures. 

Typical Mother's Day Gifts

Even from it's origins as a celebration during the period of Lent, gifts of flowers, cakes and time spent with family were a common theme of mother's day. Later, in the 20th century, cards to send to mothers became a popular gift. These traditions hold true today, and of course once March / April rolls around, many of us still gift the traditional flowers, cards and baked goods to our mums and mother figures. 

These gifts are always a classic and reliable gift, but often these days, outings (such as high teas, dinner, treatments and more!), small homewares, clothing and luxury toiletries are also popular mother's day gifts. Whether you choose traditional or more unusual, there are plenty of ways to shop small and discover unique cards and gifts for mother's day. 

mother's day cards and flowers - designed and made in the uk

Indie Mother's Day Gift Ideas 

(that are as elegant, thoughtful and beautiful as she is!)

A Unique, Illustrated Mother’s Day Card

a floral mother's day card sitting on a breakfast in bed tray of coffee, pastries and flowers

In a time where we’re so reliant on the digital, take some time to put some heartfelt words down on paper for her to treasure - and what better way than in an independently made, illustrated mother's day card that’s as special as she is. Whether you’re spending the day together, sending through the post, a handwritten greetings card is the perfect way to make mum feel appreciated. This floral mother's day card is perfect for gardening loving mums. 

Mother's Day Art Prints

mothers day print gift ideas


Spring is on the horizon and now that the sun has started to make an appearance, the spring motivation to spruce-up is kicking in! Find her favourite flower print to spruce up her space, or a lovely linework quote print with a heartwarming message. Guaranteed to remind her she is lovely every time she sees or smells it. Click here to check out Home Decor.

(Ps - if you won’t get to see her in person this year, send it directly to her with some gorgeous gift wrapping.)

Mother's Day Flower Gifts

local mother's day flowers

A traditional mother's day gift, fresh flowers are a timeless mother's day gift that make many mums feels loved and special. This year, why not source a local florist and shop small, for an extra special mother's day boquet - not to mention they'd pair wonderfully with one of these floral cards! I found this beautiful florist local to me on a morning walk. 

Miss You Mother's Day Card

miss you mother's day card

Not seeing mum this Mother's Day, but still want to make sure she’s loved, appreciated, and well and truly missed? Check out these cards that are perfect for mums who are on the other side of the country, planet, or even just the M25. 

Gardening Mother's Day Gifts:


The arrival of the sun always fills us Brits with some optimism for the warmer months, and many mums have a soft spot for gardening. But even those mums who don't like to get their hands dirty, often look forward to getting out the garden furniture and spending summer in the garden.

With that in mind, a garden-themed Mother's Day gift that she can use in the summer months is perfect - such as pretty chair pads, drinks coolers, or perhaps a beautiful Bee Print to hang near the back door, kitchen window or in the conservatory. Finish of the gift with some floral wrapping paper as a floral finishing touch.

blooming wonderful mum card - mothers day
a framed print of painted roses propped on a radiator surrounded by houseplant leaves

Mother's Day Wine Gift

a Amie wine gift set of stylishly labeled red and rose wines in a wooden box, with a mother's day gift note

For the mums that love a tipple or two - send her a bottle of luxurious bubble, or opt for a fancy gift box or kit to mix things up. 

Long Distance Mother's Day Card

Can't wait to squeeze you miss you card for mother's day

Can't Wait to Squeeze You Card 

Give her the gift of plans - because it's always nice to have something to look forward to! For those of you that won't see your parent in person on Mother's Day, pick her a present for the future - spa vouchers, theatre tickets, fine dining, whatever floats her boat - and send them along with this cute, can't wait to see you card.

1st Mother's Day Card

rainbow lettered and embossed card that reads "You are doing so great!"

Celebrating a first Mother’s Day is a magical momeny. Mark the occasion with a special mother's day card they can treasure forever, along with some home comforts for a likely exhausted new parent - whether it’s a meal-kit delivered to the door for easy preparation, a cosy new set of PJs, or just a few minutes to herself to take a shower, eat a proper meal and sit down in one spot - it’s sure to mark the moment in a small and lovely way. 

Mother's Day Card for Mother Figures / Step-Mums

if people were flowers i'd pick you alternative mother's day card

 If People Were Flowers Card 

Not everyone has the traditional, nuclear TV-Sitcom version of a family, and for many reasons traditional Mother's Day gifts and cards don't always fit perfectly. But if there’s someone in your life who’s been a mother-type figure that you’d like to acknowledge this year, here’s some ideas to show them they’re loved.

Mother's Day Cards

Need more inspiration for this year's Mother's Day card? Check out my round-up of all my favourite Illustrated, Indie Mother's Day Cards to Show Mum Some Love

Mother's Day Cards Ideas