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Inside the Sketchbook: The Homestead Collection

The Homestead Collection - Illustrated Autumnal Prints, Cards and Home Decor with a Little Autumn Magic! 

a print of a pink flower in a wooden frame, styled on a table alongside vintage books and candelight


I don’t always make an Autumn collection, but when I do, I make it sparkly! The latest Autumnal offering in the shop is the Homestead Collection! Featuring six illustrated prints - some floral, some foiled, and a ream of illustrated greetings cards, postcards, wrapping paper and other magical home decor treats, this collection is full of cosy delights inspired by cottage living and the magic of late autumn. 

The collection started out with a selection of inspiring feelings I’d collated through the past year - cosy candlelit scenes, freshly baked pies glistening with fruit, well worn floral tablecloths and kitchens full of steam. Taking inspiration from the cottagecore trend, I fell in love with soft ginghams, and faded florals and took this collection as an opportunity to begin to play more with pattern.

illustrated postcards and greetings cards inspired by vintage florals

Along with this, came a fateful, well-timed watch of Practical Magic - a delight that, as always, I was about 10 years late to discovering. The actual story aside, I fell in love with that grand victorian house full of drying herbs, climbing flowers, aging wallpaper, and midnight margarita magic. I wanted to imbue my next collection with a little of that witchy, cottage magic - as we all know, I am all about everyday magic!

With both these inspirations in mind, I begun crafting almost two separate collections - one with honey-toned early-autumn hues, dainty ditsy florals and hand painted ginghams, and another with glittering gold foil magic of the spookiest season in the calendar. Finally, it occurred to me to just blend the two together, to create a more eclectic, patchwork of vibes and feelings, that evoke the magic of autumn all the way from day to night. Double the designs, double the photoshoots, double the work, but double the magic in the end!

Celestial Prints with Magical Gold Foil

gold foiled to the moon and back celestial print in a wooden frame
celestial print with gold foil in a wooden frame, surrounded by candles


Some celestial magic for your home, these gold foil prints have a super luxe finish, and look gorgeous reflecting flickering candlelight! Each design - of which there are two - was created from my own gouache illustrations and lettering, each painstakingly painted out on a sketchbook page, and filled in with deep, midnight blue paint to achieve that paint-textured background. I love the slight hint at it’s paint-y origins, which gives a little extra depth to that deep blue. 

The astrological moon and star design on each print is finished with a layer of luxurious gold foil, to give it that gorgeous glinting gold effect which gives them that little extra touch of magic. Each print is coated with a velvet-touch coating, that gives it an extra luxe feeling and makes those deep blues even richer. 

Each of the two celestial prints is available in a choice of A3 or A4.

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Floral Cottagecore Prints

floral botanical style prints

Blending together with the more astrological inspired designs, I also set out to develop some more floral designs that were different from my existing florals. Inspired by ditsy florals from vintage fabrics, patchwork quilts and old china patterns, I created some smaller, simpler floral paintings, based on flowers found growing in the bountiful cottage-style garden of my parent’s house, and pictures found in old flower guides.

As well as forming the basis of many of the patterns in the homestead collection, they eventually came to form a set of 6 prints, pulled out into a simple, botanical illustration style, with their genus names letterered beneath each one. I like to imagine them sitting framed on a wallpaper wall, alongside amber glass bottles, dried flowers and dark wood furniture, for vintage, witchy, apothecary vibe. 

Available in a choice of A4 or A3, I think they look best grouped as a small set of matching designs, or mixed in with my other illustrated floral prints to create an eclectic gallery wall filled with flowers. Each print is printed on my classic pick of 350gsm diamond white paper, which is a lovely sturdy thickness, sustainably sourced, and has a gently textures surface (like that of watercolour or sketchbook paper) for a lovely, quality finish with deep colours. 

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Illustrated Flower Postcards: 

The first designs to be translated into postcards after popular request from you, the Homestead collection introduces 10 new products: each of the six floral postcards available individually, three of my celestial gold foiled designs also available individually, as well as a 12-pack of the floral postcards - perfect for stashing away for next time you need a lovely note to pop in a gift or the postbox.


12 pack of flower postcards
pack of floral postcards


These lovely new arrivals are made from the same sturdy, 350gsm cardstock as my greetings cards, with space on the back for a stamp, address and a short message and are a great little addition to have on hand, and are frankly a great way to bump your order up to hit free shipping! They also make really nice little stocking fillers, as you can choose to write and send them, or stick them up on noticeboards, mirrors and shelves like a tiny piece of art. 

As a shimmery bonus, all three of the Celestial postcards are finished with lovely gold foil to match the twinkly effect of my Celestial prints. 

gold foil celestial postcards
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Cottagecore and Light Academia Inspired Birthday Cards

you're a star celestial card


During the making of this collection, I was pretty much just discovering the delights of Tiktok, and all the niche interests and trends you can discover on there, and it might be easy to spot the influences of Cottagecore, Light Academia and other nostalgic trends that have been leaking into my subconscious from the Tiktok world. 


Along with Prints and postcards, also joining the Homestead collection is an eclectic range of illustrated greetings cards, that are more eclectic and moodboard-style than my previous card designs. There was so much potential for gentle, celestial themed puns that of course four of the eight designs manifested as astrology-inspired, moon and star covered greetings, finished, of course, with shiny gold foil. 


floral cottagecore birthday card

The other four were made with patterns and illustrations inspired by vintage fabrics and patterns - blending those ditsy floral paintings with some handpainted “gingham” patterns to evoke those time-softened, well-worn floral fabrics - from feedsack to tablecloths and patchwork quilts. One of my favourites from the collection is the Cottagecore birthday card - blending that rich orangey gingham with the dainty blue flowers.

Discover all eight new floral and celestial greetings card designs - inspired by cosy cottage vibes and sparkly autumn magic - now!

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Illustrated Wrapping Paper

floral and gingham patterned wrapping paper

One aspect of this collection I really enjoyed developing for this collection was definitely crafting repeat patterns to apply to my wrapping paper. For this collection, I finally sat down and learned how to create proper pattern blocks that could be repeated, and enjoyed the extra attention to detail that it requires! The wrapping paper in this collection was all made with shiny new “official” pattern blocks - so in theory could be applied to anything, well beyond the realm of wrapping paper, or even paper goods in general!

That being said, I do love how the wrapping paper turned out! When these are all grouped together, they have such a brilliant, busy, pattern-covored effect. It makes me want to wrap up a big, beautiful pile of gifts in a mish mash of all the patterns and designs. In the collection, there are three floral designs - one featuring every single wildflower illustration grouped together to create a “guidebook”/botanical illustration type feel; one in a ditsy pattern that runs through the entire collection, one in that bright and beautiful orange gingham, and one that ties all of my moons and stars together in one celestial pattern. 

In the wrap version of my celestial designs, you can see the original paint texture of my moon and star paintings (which are obviously hidden by gold foil in the other designs) I think it adds a nice bit of mystical, magical texture to the design, and means that it’s fully recyclable.

All four illustrated wrapping paper designs are printed with 130gsm, sustainably sourced paper with a silk finish for a richer colour, in a 50 x 70cm size, and are fully recyclable. 

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Shop the Homestead Collection

The Homestead collection is online now and ready to fill your home with a little cottagey autumn magic for Autumn / Winter. Check it out now. 

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