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  • How i Scan my Paintings Ready for Printing | Annie Dornan Smith Blog |

    How I Scan and Digitise my...

    Hello again everyone! I’ve been super busy working on new designs recently, amd I’ve been sharing a lot of the process over on Instagram. Most of my designs are painted by...

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  • 4 Years of Business!

    Happy April to You, and happy 4th Business Birthday for me! Well, for last week, anyway. 6th April marks two important moments in my year: the start of a new tax...

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    4 Years of Business!
  • Setting Goals for 2020

    Setting Goals for 2020

    Happy New Year! I'm sure I'll not be the only one over the next few days, sitting down to write some goals for 2020, and telling the world how much I...

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  • Wins and Losses of 2019

    It's definitely true that I don't always look back and reflect enough, so this year I decided to start squirelling away some wins and losses I've experienced throughout the year,...

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    Wins and Losses of 2019
  • Inside The Sketchbook - The Botanical Blooms Collection

    Inside The Sketchbook - The Botanical...

    Hooray! I'm back with another inside-the-sketchbook video!       I know how much you all love to see behind the scenes, so today I'm giving you a bit of...

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