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The Language of Flowers the idea that flowers have different symbolism and meaning.

Love is soon to be all around us, and whilst I've had half my mind on planning for the next season, the other half is planted firmly in the now. The days might still be short, but it won't be long before Valentine's Day comes along, and before we know it, spring will be here, with Mother's Day shortly in tow. 

In my search for inspiration for this year's collection, I stumbled upon The Language of Flowers, or Floriography which I found absolutely fascinating, especially with how it applies to the pieces in the Botanical Blooms collection!

The Language of Flowers is the idea that flowers have different symbolism and meaning. It bloomed in popularity in the UK during the Victorian period, meaning people could send coded messages to their loved ones, through the medium of flowers.

Pink Roses

The Rosa print features a tangle of delicate pale pink tea roses. In the language of flowers, Pink roses express gentle feelings - a blooming love and admiration, as well as friendship. Perfect to mark first valentine's days, anniversaries or beautiful friendships, by adding hidden meanings to a gallery wall or as a meaningful gift to a treasured person. Available as a digital or giclee print.


Pink Peonies and White Hellebore

Pink peonies are often a wedding flower, so it makes sense that Peonies are a symbol of good fortune and happy marriages. In the Paeonia print, it's paired with a sprig of white hellebores, which symbolise tranquility and a beautiful year ahead - what a magical coincidence! The perfect way to celebrate newly engaged or married couples this lovely little print is the perfect way to wish a long, happy and peaceful future. The Paeonia print is available as a digital and giclee print. 

Red and White Cosmos

The Cosmos print features a posy of fluffy white and red blooms. Cosmos in greek, means orderly, or decorative. They represent harmony and order, and can be used as a symbol of love, balance and joy. The perfect way to symbolise a steady, balanced relationship by hanging it in your family home or a shared space, or mark your appreciation of a constant, harmonius friendship. The Cosmos print is available as a digital and giclee print

Red and Pink Anemones

a red floral print of painted anemones

Truly fascinating, and completely coincidental is the meaning of red and pink anemones in the Anemone print. Symbolising death and lost love, it could be seen as a bit macabre, but I love that you could add a nod to a lost loved one with something as beautiful and delicate as a sprig of pink and red peonies. The Anemone print is available as a digital and giclee print


What a strange and slightly magical coincidence! Of course, I didn't have the meanings in mind when I created them, but perhaps that it explains why some of them are our most-loved flowers, and with Valentine's day just around the corner, it's the perfect way to add an extra layer to a gift of love! Click here to shop the Botanical Blooms collection in full, now!