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The Peachy Keen Collection - Launches 16 July

Happy Wednesday to you, friends! I'm coming at you today with a sneaky surprise (and, quite a beautiful one if I do say so myself!) - I've been putting together this little collection for months now, and this is your offical 1 week warning! Launching 16 July, the Peachy Keen collection is coming to the shop - it's a soft, feminine and sophisticated collection of peachy-perfect stationery products and prints to add a splash of warm summer to the rest of your year!
I decided to put together a little promo video of the collection as I'd like to get more into video content, so i'm putting it up here for you guys to take a look at! It's a little bit DIY in places, but on the whole I am really proud of it, so I hope you like it and it's get you feeling excited for the launch of the new Peachy Keen collection!

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