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The Peachy Keen Paper Goods Collection



Good morning everyone! What a wonderful way to kick off those Summer holidays. Today's the day - the Peachy Keen collection is LIVE! I've been working away at this collection for what honestly feels like forever and I have been so desperate to show you, and now it's finally here!! 

a pile of "you're a peach" business cards

The Thank You cards that started it all... 

About forever ago, I made some thank you notes to put into my orders, and ever since then I've had the nagging idea for a peach themed collection in the back of my mind. Like it is when you're just one girl and money is finite, other collections kept getting in the way until this spring, when I finally decided to sit down and put something together (before the whole world got bored of peaches - and moved onto passion fruits or something! - and I was sitting there kicking myself.)

Unlike the By the Beach collection, which was a little bit of a scramble to get finished, I gave myself plenty of time to perfect this collection, try out new products and have fun photographing and styling the collection as a whole. 

A Peachy Keen Flatlay - Annie Dornan Smith

I'm really liking the vibe of larger format prints, so I stuck with an A2 size for the La Peche print. They're surprisingly easy to find frames for, and I just love how they make such an impact on your wall - sometimes I think smaller prints can get a bit lost unless you've got the ££ to put together a huge gallery wall. 

La Peche Print hanging on a wall alongside hanging planters - Annie Dornan Smith

Greetings cards are my bread and butter, so of course I had to put a few peachy beauties in there (including a card version of my "you're a peach" insert because people have been asking for it to exist for so long)  Obviously, they are foiled, because I have scoured the earth for foiled cards I can actually offer at reasonable prices (and not make £0.00 profit on) and I'm not over the excitement yet. 

 You're a Peach card - Annie Dornan Smith


I was going for more of a stationery vibe this time - I'm in a "pick one thing and do it well" mindset - so naturally I had to introduce a new notebook and notepad to the mix, especially as I personally am a sucker for a to-do list! I also added a new addition which I'd love to make more of in the form of the beautiful Peach Pattern Pencils. There is something so aesthetically pleasing about that all-over peach print. 

Peachy Keen Stationery Promo Image - Annie Dornan Smith


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I'm so excited to share this next collection with you, I hope you like it as much as I do. You can shop the entire Peachy Keen collection here. Thanks so much for joining me on this adventure so far - I absolutely adore designing products for you all!