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The Season of Love - Shop the Valentine's Edit

The Valentine's Edit - Annie Dornan Smith


Some people think Valentine's Day is cheesy and manufactured. And that's true, yeah. The supermarkets probably go a little overboard on re-packaged chocolate with a little dash of guilt and expectation. It's true that you don't need a holiday to tell you when to show your love (though I don't see anybody complaining about Christmas, now, do I?) and you should love your someone every single day of the year. 

A beautifully wrapped gift, flowers and stationery for valentines day

You're Bee-utiful Card, resting on a breakfast in bed tray surrounded by frothy coffee and flowers

You're Bee-utiful Card - £3

 But in a world so absorbed in the digital (guilty) - where a day's sole interaction is a link to that dumb meme you saw, or a string of non-comittal emojis, there's still room to take it a little old-school and revel in the manual, ocasionally. 

adorable valentines cards, scattered across a table

To go to the effort of picking the perfect love-note - to pen something meaningful, to tell them all you love about them, what you wish for them, and remember what we're really in this for.  

What's the harm in sending a little something to your "galentine" in a different city? or settling in for some holiday-mandated snuggle time? (Or wine-and-ice cream time?) It's true, that Valentine's day can get swept up in overpriced meals and engagements and dozens of red roses, but a card, a coffee and a kiss in the morning go a long way too.

Opening the Never Leaf Me! Card with breakfast.

Never Leaf Me Card - £3

In the spirit of the season of love, this Valentine's Day edit evokes that sleepy, breakfast-in-bed, wake-up-slow Valentine's morning of dreams. The little thoughtful details that show our love. 

I've pulled together  the cutest, mushiest, sweetest cards and gifts for your special someone. (If there's one thing I'm good at  it's valentines cards - this is my biggest selection so far!) Find something cute and tasteful for your love, or something silly for your galentine. Check out The Valentine's Edit

A Valentine's Card with Coffee, in bed

Love You, Mean It Card - £3
The You're a Peach card, with coffee and croissants

You're a Peach! Card - £3
a Valentine's card with coffee and pancakes, in bed

I Really Love You Valentine - £3