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Save on EU and International Shipping


save on international shipping graphic

Isn't the start of a new year great for getting all those tasks ticked off your to-do list? It's usually a bit of a "quiet season" for retail businesses - though my run-up-to Valentines has been busy and brilliant, thank you! - which is a great time to catch up on everything that you were too frantic to get done over the busy Christmas period. 

Today I'm crossing one off the list, with the introduction of economy shipping for European and International customers! I know exactly how much it can suck to get all excited about a purchase, only to reach the checkout and realise you're paying potentially the same-again for shipping to your country. Bummer. 

In an era of prime memberships, free overnight services and returns schemes, it can be hard for us "little guys" to compete, but I always want to do right by you guys, and give you the best options I have available to me. 

holding the paint swatch notebook, wrapped in pretty tissue paper

I've always tried to make my shipping as affordable as possible already, but I totally understand that paying the cost of a greetings card again as shipping can sometimes not feel worth it. For small businesses like mine that ship predominantly small, light parcels, there is not many options for international shipping,  but I did some digging and found a way to offer shipping at less cost if you're willing to wait!

Economy Shipping to Europe and Internationally is now available to select at the checkout, for those items you just have to have, but don't mind waiting for, and starts at £2.60. Nice! 

wrapping bee prints in branded tissue paper

In addition, I've also added free European and International shipping for those of you who spend over £55 - free shipping opportunities for everyone! This option is perfect for starting a gallery wall, buying gifts in advance, or placing a group-order with pals. 

If there's any other questions you've got about shipping, be sure to check out the Shipping info page, or pop me an email at