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The Secret Summer Sample Sale

The Secret Summer Sample Sale - try saying that 3 times fast!

Actually, don't - because by the time you've figured it out you might have missed it! ;) It's that time again: I'm bringing you the biggest, snazziest Sample Sale yet - goodies from collections past; slightly flawed (but still good!) prints, patches, pins and more; and some super-rare samples from designs that never got made - all for super afforadble prices. 

There is heaps of stuff in there and I'm really excited to be doing the whole Sample Sale Shebang with you again! It's open to newsletter subscribers only - I'll be sending out a super-secret shopping link at the time of launch to all subscribers, so if you'd like the link in your inbox make sure you're all signed up before Friday 22nd June at 6:00pm British Summer Time. If you're already subscribed, you can sit back, relax and wait for that sale link to drop. 

Annie Dornan Smith SAMPLE SALE Graphic

So, the deets...

Let's just summarize those details for a sec! The Sample Sale goes live at 6:00pm (BST) on Friday 22nd June. You'll need to be subscribed to my Mailing List in order to get the link when it drops. Click that button below to subscribe if you aren't already. If you've got any more queries feel free to hit me up on Insta or tweet me!