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1st Biz Birthday!

Hello! I'm switching up the blog schedule today a bit because this week is a very special week. I'm celebrating my business's 1st birthday!  The official date is Thursday, but everyone knows a birthday is not complete unless you spend the whole week celebrating! As part of the festivities, I'm giving away one-treat-per-day over on Instagram, to a different winner each day! That's right, you have 7 whole chances to win!

Go check out today's over on Insta now! 
Runs 3rd - 9th April 2017

Long-time followers are probably wondering how on earth it can have only been a year - so I thought I'd clear things up with a bit of a silly confession: I actually don't know when my *official* business-birthday is! So, I decided to go from the first day I signed up for Shopify (the platform I host on.) For me, this was when I started taking my business seriously and began investing in it. 

Being the anxious little gal I am, I was worried that someone out there would think I was trying to lie and make it look like I had accomplished *soooo very much* in a much smaller time scale than is realistic. I wanted to make that clarification clear - not only for that reason but also because I'd hate to think of someone out there comparing their *literal* 1 year, to my *official-can't-really-remember-how-long-its-been-but-definitely-more-than-a-year* 1 year and feeling bad about their progress.  

Now we've got that cleared up - hop on over to Insta to join the party!