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6 Father's Day Cards (For Dads That Don't Like Football, Golf, or Beer!)

Father’s Day - Sunday 20 June 2021

If you’re here, it means you probably have a dad like mine. Father’s Day is almost upon us again, and if you ask me, I think Dads deserve better. When it comes to Father’s Day Cards, there always seems to be a pervasive theme - that all dads are hopelessly devoted to beer, barbecuing, and ball games. But whilst that may be true for some, I’ve never felt the desire to create cards like these for Father’s Day as they didn’t reflect my own dad’s interests at all. Sure, he might like to crack open a beer on a Friday night, but it’s not like it’s a personality trait. 


So, in honour of the many dads who have interests outside of the stereotypes, or simply for dads who never seem to want for anything in particular, here’s a quick round up of my Father’s Day - Friendly cards for Dads (or Father figures!) who exist outside the stereotype, that are still sure to make them smile this Father’s Day. 

For Gardening Dads

Got a green-thumbed Dad who’s always pottering in the shed, or tending to his vegetable plot? My Gardening Dad Father's Day Card is the perfect Father’s Day card for gardening lovers. Pair it with some new garden gloves, or a new tool or gadget he’s been coveting for the ultimate Gardening-themed gift. 

Gardening themed father's day sitting on a potting bench in the greenhouse



For the “Good Old Days” Dads

For the Dad that loves to immerse themselves in the nostalgia. When I designed the Super Love collection I was inspired by groovy 60s lettering, and dreamy summer-of-love hippy hues. This Rainbow Father’s Day card is perfect for the parent who still covets his record collection.  Pair with a new piece for his collection - whether that’s a new LP or CD, a retro print, or a band tee, for a Father’s Day gift that says, “I don’t get it, but I get it, Dad.”



holding a 60s inspired father's day card in front of a record deck


For the Pun-Loving Dads

Even if he doesn’t fit many “dad” stereotypes, there’s still one unescapable dad-cliche I can't escape in my life: The Dad Joke. For a punny Father’s Day Card that’s at least more tasteful than his last joke, try my Lookin’ Sharp Lemon Card, or if you won’t be seeing him in person, why not my Can’t Wait to Squeeze You Card instead. Honestly, I don’t have a gift suggestion prepared for a pun-loving dad, but if he’s anything like mine he’ll be digging this card out constantly to snort over whenever another poor unsuspecting victim comes along, so perhaps that’s the true Father’s Day gift all along!


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For The Far-Away Dad

Though many of us might finally get to spend some time with family over the next few weeks, It’s not the case for everyone. If your Father’s Day is a long-distance one this year, send him a great big MISS YOU to make sure he knows it! Pair with a letterbox gift or hamper full of treats, or plan an activity to do once you’re together again.

holding a pale yellow card that reads "MISS YOU!" in bold, rainbow letters.

For the Dad Who’s Not *Technically* Your Dad

As someone with a Step-Dad who deserves just as much love and recognition on Father’s Day, I always struggle to find a Father’s Day card that suits, but doesn’t have “DAD!” emblazoned across the front. Try this simple but heartfelt paint swatch card, to let them know you love them too!

For the Brand New Dads

Maybe you know someone who’s becoming a dad for the very first time this year? Mark the momentous occasion for him, with this tiny, peachy congratulations card to welcome his new arrival to the world.  If you’re going for a gift with this one - pair it with something simple that will take the pressure off the new parents - ping them a text when you’re out supermarket shopping to see if they need anything, or offer to drop round and hold the baby for a minute so they can have a proper shower and something to eat! 


I hope these cards inspired you when shopping for your own non-traditional Father’s Day gifts this year! None of these fit the bill? Check out my collection of Just Because cards too - perfect to fit any occasion and fill up with your own message. Though a lot of my designs are quite feminine, if your dad is into gardening or bees, you might well find a little gift to make him smile. Check out my Father’s Day collection, or discover all Gifts under £30, then wrap it up with a sheet or two of my Wrapping Paper


If you liked my chat about inspiration behind the illustrations, you can also read my mushy ode to dads from Father’s Day past - or if nothing else, why not treat yourself to something whilst you’re card shopping! ;) Get 10% off Prints when you buy 3 or more, or FREE UK Shipping when you spend over £35.