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Illustrated, Indie Mother's Day Cards to Show Mum Some Love

Flowers? Bought. Afternoon Tea? Booked. It’s Mother’s Day time again: a time when we’re not short a cliche or two! Though you can’t go wrong with delicate little cakes and a spot of bubbly, why not skip the cliche when it comes to cards? Check out these floral-but-not-fussy, funny-but-still-fancy, indie-designed, illustrated Mother’s Day cards to delight the mum (or mother figure!) in your life this year!

Mother's Day Card Ideas

About Mother’s Day Cards

When it comes to designing greetings cards I often try to create cards that work for multiple purposes. In my Mother’s Day Collection you’ll find not only the classic “Happy Mother’s Day” cards, but also a selection of more flexible designs that are perfect for the parents in your life who don’t fit the standard “Mother’s Day” mould.

Each card in my collection is created from my original illustrations and lettering - painted in my studio and transformed into unique greetings cards that are perfect for Mother’s Day. They are printed on sustainably sourced (FSC Certified) card that is safe to recycle, and are made right here in the UK. 

Illustrated Mother’s Day Cards 

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For the Flower-Loving Mum

A floral pattern "If People Were Flowers" card

I’d Pick You Floral Card

Not every Mother’s Day card needs the phrase “Happy Mother’s Day” emblazoned on the front! This delightful little plant-themed pun is sure to make any green-thumbed mum smile this Mother’s Day. Created from beautiful flowers painted in gouache, this floral design has a sophisticated feel, and is finished with luxurious gold foil lettering.

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For the on-trend Mum

abstract mother's day card

Best Mum Ever Abstract Card

A long-loved Mother’s Day card, this playful, modern design is perfect for chic mums who appreciate a bit of abstract style. Paired with a bright pink envelope and reading “best mum ever” in dainty gold foiled letters, it’s sure to make her feel loved this Mother’s Day.

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For the Star Sign Stalwart

you're out of this world celestial card

You’re Out of This World Card

For the magic loving mums, sparkling spell-casters and zodiac zealots, this twinkly, astrology inspired card will tell her she’s Out of this World! Made with lashings of gold foil for a shimmering, star-scattered effect, it’s sure to be one she’ll treasure. 

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For The Not-Mum-by-Blood

floral mother's day card

Happy Mother’s Day Flower Card

As part of a blended family, it’s always been important to me that there are options for parental figures that aren’t there by blood, but have still had a huge impact on your life. This “Happy Mother’s Day” design is simple and sophisticated, and lets them know this day is for them, too, but without specifically addressing them as “mum”, for the step and foster parents who just go by their name, instead. 

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For the Sentimental Mum

blooming wonderful mum floral card

Blooming Wonderful Mum Card

An elegant and simple card to send a sweet and sentimental Mother’s Day message, this lovely card is die-cut in a unique, vintage-postcard-style shape, with a chic, linework design embossed in glossy black foiling. For the most Blooming Wonderful Mum! 

For the far-away Mum

can't wait to squeeze you card

Can’t Wait To Squeeze You Card

When you haven’t seen your mum (or mother-figure!) in a long time, let them know you’re thinking of them with this gently punny card on Mother’s Day. Blank inside for your own message, let them know you’re desperate for a cuppa, a natter and a sofa squeeze soon. 

For Another Mother Figure

all my love gingham card

All My Love Floral Card

Sometimes, wonderful people step in to fill a motherly role in your life, and if you want to acknowledge them this Mother’s Day, why not gift them a warm, sweet message to let them know they’re loved. 

When is Mother’s Day?

In the UK, Mother’s Day is always the fourth Sunday of Lent - originating from a 17th century tradition of employers allowing their staff to return home on this day to see their families, often taking gifts home with them. 

In many other parts of the world, including the USA, Canada, China, Japan and many other countries, Mother’s Day is Celebrated on the second Sunday of May instead.

In some other parts of the world, including Eastern Europe and Russia, Mother’s Day is celebrated on 8 March, coinciding with International Women’s Day. 

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Mother’s Day Gifts 

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