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Beautiful Giftwrap Ideas for Your Christmas Gifts

There are some people who like to leave gift wrapping until the last minute, but not I! I know lots of people hate wrapping gifts, but I’m convinced it’s because they’re not doing it the fun way. I think half the joy of giving or receiving a gift is the beautiful wrapping, and I relish the creativity in planning a giftwrapping “theme” and seeing them all piled perfectly around the tree. (I kid you not, I have a pinterest board dedicated to christmas giftwrapping ideas)

My brain is spilling over with inspiration and ideas for unique and creative christmas wrapping ideas, so what else is there to do but share! I’ve put together some gorgeous giftwrap ideas (that I’ll definitely be utilising this December) to inspire your own festive wrapping!

gorgeously wrapped gifts on a white table

Kraft Paper

+ Points for affordability, recyclability and nostalgia! The “Brown Paper Packages Tied Up With String” has been a firm favourite of mine for the past, oh, 6 or 7 years now! It’s such an affordable price, and it’s plain-ness gives it a versatility for all the embellishment your heart desires, from pompoms to hand printed patterns to beautiful ribbons and bows.

a kraft box christmas gift finished with a gold glitter bow and sprigs of greenery


What a temptation for plant-lovers like me! I’ve used a sprig of Rosemary from the garden to add a little life to my gifts, after all, evergreens are kind of signature of Christmas. Save the cut offs from your Christmas tree to tuck under ribbons and bows, or clip a little rosemary for your gifts.


Velvet Ribbon

I’m on my third year in a row of velvet ribbon and I don’t see an end in sight! There is something so luxurious about soft, velvety ribbon which gives an extra glam factor to your gifts. Bonus points if you save the discarded strands after the unwrapping frenzy and use them to tie around your ponytail, the ends of your plait, or save them for next year by ironing out the crinkles with a low heat. (if you’re gonna try that last one, please test it first before you end up with ribbon melted to your iron)


Plain Kraft Gift Boxes

I am so obsessed with this discovery. I’ve never been much of a fan of gaudy or heavily patterned gift boxes, so when I discovered you could find these beauties in Hobbycraft and Paperchase (as well as online if you’re planning to buy in bulk!) I’ll admit that though I do love wrapping gifts, I’m not a big fan of the weird and wonky ones that don’t have that perfect, satisfying square look. I’ve used these little boxes in the past to create pretty little hamper type gifts (think snacks, chocolates, socks, tea, etc) and for weird shaped gifts that are tricky to wrap. The box adds a little extra to the gift too, as it can be repurposed, and if they don’t have a need for an extra storage box, I pinch them back to reuse myself! 

a gorgeously wrapped gift in dark blue paper with gold star sequins and white tulle ribbon

Starry Skies on Navy Wrap

I’ve had this idea in my head since last Christmas and I finally got to try it out! Take a plain, navy giftwrap and scatter it with gold star confetti. I use a cheap Wilko superglue that comes with a brush to adhere them to the paper. Like a Christmas night’s sky!


White Tulle

The most perfect, princessy alternative to ribbon! Buy a big sheet and cut it into ribbon sizes, or buy it pre-cut from ebay.


Pompoms Galore

Never not obsessed with pompoms - they were my theme for my wrapping last year - snazz up a plain giftwrap (perfect time to crack out the Kraft paper) with little dots of superglue and a bulk order of pompoms!


a christmas gift wrapped in gorgeous starry paper and finished with a tasseled, gold wax seal


Wax. Seals.

You heard me. This was possibly the most unexpectededly delightful gift I received last year - a wax seal kit in the shape of a bee. I’ll obviously be sealing every Christmas card with it this year, but it also looks um pretty freaking divine stamped onto this pretty little present,It’s just the right amount of completely absolutely extra that I strive for when it comes to Christmas, and is surprisingly cost effective. Or, if you don’t happen to have a wax seal kit kicking around, you could always fake it til you make it. I don’t have a link for the exact kit, but the stamp is similar here and the wax beads are available all over amazon.


See above, only ADD TASSELS TO THE MIX. You can pick up sets of 10 that look pretty, festive and are not too pricy over on ebay. (Are you starting to notice a theme for where I pick up my craft supplies?)

Fake Foliage

Another favourite of mine for adding a little extra pizazz to your gifts and avoid the, ahem, decomposing of real plant life is to use a little festive foliage to dress up your gifts. You don’t have to spend lots - try picking up a garland from somewhere like The Range for a reasonable price, and snip off little sprigs to tuck into your gifts.


Alphabet/Intial Tags

I just used a Christmas decoration from M&S a few years back, but I am tempted to stencil some out onto thick board and DIY some gold or glitter letters myself. If you’re feeling fancy you could always grab some ready made ones, or you could really push the boat out.