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How I Design a Collection

Hi guys! I hope you're all doing great. Today's post is a little different - it's a video! I decided to put together a little video chatting about how I create a collection for my shop. It's a little sneaky look into my sketchbook, my process and how I go from painting to printing! 


Please excuse the awkward bits, the double chins and the weird smiling, it's my first talk-to-camera video in a long time (Insta stories totally don't count!) but I'm hoping to create more in the future so it can only get better from here! Give it a watch, let me know what you think and feel free to let me know what other videos you'd like to see from me!


How I Design a Stationery Collection - From Idea to Execution | I'm sharing a little video where I chat about the whole design process of bringing a new stationery collection to life, with a peek behind the scenes into running a small business. | Annie Dornan Smith Home and Paper Goods UK |