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How to: Pretty Lettering For Writing Cards


Same, same. Sometimes I think I’m really not, but other times, especially where Christmas cards are concerned, It’s all gotta be Pinterest-perfect and beautiful. Way back in my first few years of uni, I’d be so frustrated when buying (or making) a gorgeous card, and I was so pleased with it, only to go and “ruin” it with my boring handwriting. Realistically, it wasn’t ruined, and cards are more about what you write in them than how, but making them just as beautiful on the inside soothes my little arty brain, and I’m betting it would for you too.

So, I put together a tutorial! Actually - I put it together two years ago, but it was just photos and a blog post and it was kind of helpful but also kind of not, and since I’m on a video-making streak at the moment, I thought, why not make it a video? After all, it’s much easier to see someone lettering than it is to read a description of it.

How to: Pretty Lettering for Writing Cards | Annie Dornan Smith

This tutorial is mostly for beginners - I’m sharing my best tips to create beautiful lettering for writing cards with brush pens, or with a fineliner if you’re not ready to commit to brush pens yet! I filmed it with a bit of a “Christmas” vibe because hello, what better time to practice your card writing, but of course you can apply it to any card, at any time of year!


Take a look at the video and let me know what you think!