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Inside the Sketchbook for Spring Summer

Written by Annie Dornan-Smith


Posted on March 28 2018

Inside the Sketchbook - Spring Summer 18 - click through for the video! | Annie Dornan Smith

Hey guys! I feel like I haven't made a design-y, behind-the-scenes post in ages, so today I'm sharing a sneak inside the sketchbook for my new collection. Back in the day I used to share a lot of my process, but as I spent time building my brand and working out how I wanted to design and create collections, I withdrew a lot of it from the internet. A lot of it was out of the desire to keep things secret and exciting for you guys, so that when new collections launched they'd be a beautiful surprise, but I'll admit that a little part of it was also the fear of giving too much of my process away and leaving myself and my method of creating vulnerable to imitators. 

Still, I really do love sharing my work and seeing people excited - and I do think it's interesting to show the process behind the finished pieces - so I decided to put together this little video showing a brief and hopefully cute look into my research and development behind my Spring/Summer collection. 

It was also really fun to try my hand a bit of rookie filmmaking/editing. I'd like to experiment more with creating video content in the future for behind-the-scenes of my business so this was a great place to start!

Let me know what you think and if you liked the video!



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