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New In: Jot Pads!

Hooray! They're finally here! 

 Now the Valentine's rush is over, I've had a little more time to sit down and get some new goodies online!

Annie Dornan Smith - New Arrivals: Jot pad notepads! One in a pretty bee design, and one with a pink palm print border

One of my goals for 2019 was to expand my product ranges. Some of my collections have been around since I started my business, and since then I have developed lots of new types of products, and I am always (literally, always) dreaming about other things I could put my designs all-over. It seems like every new collection gets a little big bigger, with a few more exciting products. As a result, some of my older collections aren't as big as others, so this year I'm working on filling some of those gaps, as well as developing new collections as usual (hows that for a cash-flow managing challenge?!) 

taking notes on the british bee jot pad

The British Bee A6 Jot Pad 


So today I'm bringing you some fresh new editions of my first love - the tear-off notepad. I'm a stationery-girl through and through and I love a fresh notebook as much as the next gal, but nothing quite makes my heart sing like the satisfaction of tearing off a filled-up page of a notepad to start a new list or note on that fresh, new page underneath. 

These designs are a more compact size - coming in at a smaller A6 size - which is just perfect for slipping in a bag (or even a big pocket!!) I've been tearing off  a page of mine to keep inside my diary, which is ideal to avoid grubby, dog-eared corners sticking out the edges of your planner. 

taking notes on a jot pad page, taped inside a planner

Palm Leaf Pattern Jot Pad

I'm dubbing them "jot-pads" perfect for scribbling memos, notes to coworkers or sudden ideas. The British Bee Jot Pad has loads of open space for doodles or ideas, whilst the Palm Leaf Pattern pad is lined for notes, schedules and lists. 

They come in gorgeously thick 120gsm paper which is, honestly, such a joy to write on, and means that all bound together these pads feel so luxuriously...beefy. Honestly, I have not stopped using them since they arrived. 

I hope you like them! You can check them out in the lists and notes section now!