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What to Write Inside a Valentine's Card

It’s February. You’ve found the perfect
Valentine’s Card. Maybe you’ve even bagged a little Valentine’s Gift. But now, you’re sitting pen-in-hand, wondering how to write a Valentines message that’s warm and meaningful, but not too soppy, silly, or generic. Check out my top tips for what to write inside a Valentine’s card to get inspired.

preparing to write in a cute valentine's day card that reads "best bae" in gold foil above a pair of painted, heart-shaped sunglasses.

Best Bae Galentine's Card

What Should I Write in a Valentine’s Day Card?

In my own greetings cards, I always opt to leave the inside blank for your own message - not only because this complicates the print order, and narrows the occasions you can use each card for - but also because I think that the message inside a greetings card should be personal to you and the recipient, and there’s just no way I could tailor a message to suit all the possibilities out there.


if you find yourself stuck for words when penning your Valentine’s greeting this year, check out these starting points for some inspiration to get the ink, and the love, flowing!


A collection of illustrated valentines cards with envelopes, laid flat on a pink background

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That being said - if, like me, you aren’t exactly a wordsmith, that blank space can be a little intimidating, especially when it comes to penning something meaningful like a Valentines or Anniversary card for someone you really care about. I believe that there’s a certain magic in putting the effort into writing and sending a card, and it’s something even personally I don’t do enough of, when a card filled with a sentence or two of meaningful words can really make a person’s day.

So if you find yourself stuck for words when penning your Valentine’s greeting this year, check out these starting points for some inspiration to get the ink, and the love, flowing!

What to Write in a Valentine’s Card

A pale pink valentines with a linework-style floral design reads "to my little flower" in a calligraphy lettering

Little Flower Valentine's Card 

1. Use Pet/Nicknames 

When penning a valentine’s message to your significant other, it can be a nice idea to use your pet / nicknames for a little added familiarity and exclusiveness. For recently engaged or married couples it might be a special touch to use their newly married title (eg. Mr/Ms XYZ) or to “My Beautiful Fiancee/Fiance” etc.

For newer relationships, a funny option might be to use (or reference) their contact name as saved in your phone when you first started dating, but be sure to be sensitive to their sense of humour on this one!

Finally, if nothing else fits, a classic but still romantic choice can be simply to use “My Valentine”. 


a pale yellow card with "MISS YOU!" written in rainbow block captials

MISS YOU! Rainbow Card

2.Think about Precious Memories

A great place to start when deciding what to write in a valentine’s card, especially with longer relationships, is to take a little trip down memory lane. Think back to where you started - who’d have thought all those years ago you’d be where you are now!

Recall some precious memories you’ve shared - whether holidays, dates, or family occasions - and tell them what those moments meant to you. It can mean a lot to people to learn about the precious moments with them - big and small - that have had a lasting effect on you. 

Example: “I can’t believe it’s been 5 years since our first date! Do you remember when..”


Forever & Ever Valentines / Anniversary Card

Forever and Ever Valentines Card

 3. Look to the Future

In contrast to number one, another lovely idea is to show them you are looking forward to your future together. This is especially good for newer relationships that are just beginning! Look ahead to the future and tell them what you are excited to share with them in the future - are you excited to see the world with them? Eat pizza in bed with them? Make plans and start new chapters with them? With very new relationships, this area can be a bit delicate, so best to be sure you’re on the same page before putting pen to paper!

For a simple and sweet idea to write in a valentine’s card, fill the page with a list or bubbles of all the things you’re excited to share with them in the future - from sleeping-in on Sundays and summery park picnics,to the big, life-changing moments. 

For soon-to-be newlyweds, parents, or other upcoming milestones, another nice idea is to include a countdown to that special moment - eg.  “Only X Days/Hours/Minutes until..”

a navy card with a celestial design reads "you're out of this world"

Out of This World Celestial Card 

4. What You Admire About Them 

Part of loving someone is knowing their faults, but admiring their strengths. Get thinking about the qualities in them you truly admire. Are they a great parent? A caring sibling? A hard worker? A selfless dreamer? There’s nothing like knowing someone sees all the good in you to make you feel loved on Valentine’s Day. 

Some ways to include this in your Valentine’s card could be:

  • A list or clouds/bubbles of all the things you can think of that fills the page.

  • “All the things I love about you” penned on small pieces of paper, to fall into their lap when they open it. 


A dalmatian-spot patterned card with a big pink heart on the front. Reads "I really love you" in brush lettering inside the heart

Really Love You Dot Card 

 5. Acknowledge What they Do For You / What You are Grateful For

A popular Love Language is “acts of service”, and even if it isn’t yours, writing a Valentine’s card could be a great opportunity to sit down and think about the little things your partner does for you to make you feel appreciated and loved. From doing the dishes so you don’t have to, or nipping out to the shop for movie-night snacks whilst you stay in your slippers, there are probably some small things (and big!) that your beau does to make you feel valued.

Spending some time to show you have noticed and appreciated these things, is a great way to make your Valentine feel treasured this year - it can be as simple as a thank you, or you could even add a little “IOU” of your own, to take over a tiresome task from them in future. 


a greetings card with a linework-style floral pattern reads "the birds, the bees, the flowers, the trees"

The Birds, The Bees Card

 6. Play with a Poem

Time to put your primary school English lessons to the test! It doesn’t have to be perfect prose - just writing a playful little poem in their Valentines card can be the perfect way to make someone smile. Sure they take a little thought and extra time, but it’s guaranteed to have them grinning!

If you don’t exactly have a Shakespearean way with words, try these types of poem out for something simpler, but still super-special: 

  • A Haiku. Only 3 lines, 17 syllables needed! The magic is in choosing the perfect few words to evoke a sense of setting and feeling. 
  • For something sillier, try a Limerick! It’s the perfect way to write something rhyming and funny about your partner or your relationship.
  • The classic “Roses are Red” is a tried and true Valentine’s poem. Though it’s well-used, if you can tailor the second half of the poem to your valentine you can refresh this classic rhyme into something charming. (ps, remember: you don’t have to follow up with “Violets are blue”,  it could be anything - though I don’t recommend using “carrots are orange”!)
  • An Acrostic - a staple of primary-school poetry lessons! Make an acrostic poem of their name / nickname, or “VALENTINE”. Use their qualities, their favourite things, or in-jokes to inspire each letter.

a leaf-pattern card with a matching envelope bears the message "never leaf me!"

Never Leaf Me Card

7. An In-Joke

Writing a valentine’s card for someone you’ve only just started dating can be tricky, and you might want to shy-away from the more sentimental options in this list! The perfect solution to this, instead of writing something generic, could be to include a little reference to any in-jokes you have formed together. Try thinking back to the times you’ve had a good old giggle, and use that moment to inspire your Valentine’s Day message. Long or short term relationship, a private joke between the two of you is a great way to add an extra meaningful touch to your Valentine’s card.


Main Squeeze Lemon Valentines Card

Main Squeeze Lemon Valentine's Card

8. Go Silly / For a Pun

In a similar vein, if you prefer to keep it light and playful rather than super-sappy, try using a pun or cheeky joke to add to your Valentine’s message. The internet is already a goldmine for puns (and frankly, my Valentine’s Cards aren’t bad either!) but for the inside message, a great place to start can be to think of their interests and hobbies and think of a pun based around that. 

If you’re not much of a pun-lover, another way to pen a silly and less serious valentine’s message is to joke about the more mundane / less traditionally romantic aspects of your life together - eg:

  • “There’s nobody else I’d rather stare at my phone in bed / do the Big Shop / eat crisps in front of the TV with”
  • “Thanks for never getting annoyed when I leave my tea to go cold”
  • "Thanks for always saving me from spiders"
  • etc!

Moon & Back Celestial Card

Moon & Back Celestial Love Card

9. A beloved quote, or a line from your shared interest

The internet is never short on inspirational quotes, but to make it more personal, try finding a silly or special quote from your shared interest or hobby. This could be from a book, a TV show/movie, a video game, or even just a public figure you both admire. Try to pick one that relates to love or strength of course, or something that reminds you of them, but if it feels right to go with a silly / funny quote that will make them smile and think of you this Valentine’s day, then feel free to go with that! 

 a rainbow-hued greetings card reads "Love you more" in block letters

Love You More Rainbow Card

10. Song lyrics

Do you have “your song”? Maybe you have a whole playlist! Go a little mushy and sentimental by picking out a phrase from one of your favourite songs to make them smile this Valentine’s Day! If they’re a music buff, it might be nice to spend some time listening to their favourite musicians and picking out lyrics from one of their treasured songs instead, for the ultimate thoughtful surprise when they open their Valentine’s card. 


a black card with painted pink peonies reads "you are so loved"

Love You More Card

11. Draw a Picture / Comic

Still struggling for words? Perhaps you’re just not a write-your-feelings kind of person. If you’re more of a creative soul (or even if you’re not) why not put pen to paper and use the space inside your Valentine’s card to draw a little picture or comic for the one you love instead? I particularly love Philipa Rice and Sundaekids for the way they document small but lovely moments in their relationships - which could be a great starting place for inspiration to draw your own little one-page comic. Stick men are totally permitted, as long as they're drawn with love!

a paint-swatch patterned greetings card reads "love you, mean it"

What to Write in a Galentine’s / Palentine’s Card

In recent years, (thanks to the mighty Leslie Knope!) the rise of Galentine’s and even Palentine’s day cards, gifts and treats has become a perfect way to send a little love to your platonic, but no-less love filled relationships. If you’re penning a little message to your gal/palentine this year, here’s some original ideas for what to include inside:

 1. A 5,000 Word Essay of Why They’re So Awesome

We couldn’t discuss Galentine’s Day without a Parks & Rec reference now could we? So maybe 5,000 words might be a little lengthy to fit inside a card, but the sentiment is there. Why not include a list of all the reasons you treasure them as a friend.

 2. A “Pen-Pal” Style Message

Remember pen-pals?! If you’re sending a Galentine’s message to a friend you’ve not seen in a while, consider using it just to catch them up with the minutiae of your life. It’s often said that there’s more to talk about with a friend you talk regularly with than a friend you haven’t spoken to for a while, so why not use this to start a catch-up tradition with one of your far-away friends.

3. In-Jokes and Precious Memories

If your pal is treasured enough to receive their own Pal/Galentines cards, chances are you’ve got some wonderful memories and private jokes to tap into. Whether it’s signing off with your friendship-group-only nickname, or thanking them for being there for important moments of your life - including shared moments that are private to you is a perfect way to make a message more personal.

 4. A Collage or Drawing

Though it doesn’t strictly come under writing, sometimes a card doesn’t need writing in at all. For a creative approach, make like tween-age you and fill the inside with a collage that’s personalised to them. Consider selfies, night-out antics, words/phrases cut from magazines or newspaper, and a generous helping of gel pen and glitter glue. 


Need the Perfect Valentine’s Card?

Now all that’s left is to find the perfect card to pen your Valentine’s message! Check out my selection of unique, Illustrated Valentine’s Cards to pair with your masterfully composed Valentine’s message! Need inspiration, check out my round up of the best Valentine’s Day Cards for every type of Valentine. Maybe you’re staying home this Valentine’s Day - check out these Lockdown valentine’s ideas from back when we had to stay put for some fun at-home ideas. 

a valentines card with a floral design reads "you're blooming lovely"

Blooming Lovely Card 

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