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Wins and Losses of 2019

So the year (and the decade!) is drawing to a close, and it inevitably becomes the time that we all start looking forward to a new year, a fresh start, and setting new goals. But before I leap head first, I wanted to look back at the year. back when I was setting goals for 2019, I'd mentioned that after a year of slow and steady steps, I was ready to take a few leaps this year, and I think to an extent, that's true.

It's definitely true that I don't always look back and reflect enough, so this year I decided to start squirelling away some wins and losses I've experienced throughout the year, to help me appreciate all the great achievements I've made this year, but also to share the reality that with the many highs, come a lot of lows, too. So, let's look back at 2019:




 - Got accepted for a stand at Top Drawer!

- Hit my 3rd Business birthday!

- Finally hit 10k followers, which has been one of my goals for about 3 years running!

- Ran my most successful sample sale to date! (Make sure you join the mailing list to make sure you don't miss the next one!)

annie standing by her and Lucy Freeman's wall hanging at the Fearne x Carrie launch

- Created a custom illustration that was made into a banner for the Not on the Highstreet Fearne Cotton x Carrie Elizabeth Collab (and spotted it in Fearne's insta stories!)

- Seeing my art in so many of your lovely spaces, including the homes of Charlotte Jacklin, Zeena Shah and Liv Purvis, which truly makes me feel like I've *made it*! ;)

a photo of Charlotte's study, decorated with prints in collaboration with Etsy

image source

- Plucking up the courage to go to a She Can She Did Midweek Mingle, alone, and talk to some amazing women!

- Picking myself up after an unproductive Summer, and get back on track for Autumn and Christmas!

- Making heaps of sales at my first ever Crafty Fox at Mercato Metropolitano in February.

- Hitting 1000 orders on my Shopify shop!

- Hitting 1000 orders on Etsy!

- The Botanical Blooms launch becoming my most successful launch  to date!

New Arrivals - Botanical Blooms

- Collaborating with Lucy Freeman to create our very own embroidered wall hanging - and gaining a new friend!

Love Grows Here Wall Hanging

-Getting a product into the Not on the High Street Christmas Catalogue this year!
 (page 14 if you're interested!)

- Having my best Native Makers Christmas fair to date, and getting to see my nearest and dearest indie friends, and make a few new ones.

- And finally, as I joke every year: not giving it all up and getting a “proper job” for 365 days in a row!


taking a sick day in bed
- Being out of action for so long over summer (holidays + wisdom tooth drama) that I felt like I spent most of it playing catch-up with work instead of enjoying it.


- Realising that products I'd like to make might have to stay a pipe-dream for a few more years.

-Heading into the busy Christmas season, a little bit unsure of my brand and where to take it next. 

- Not having a product in a Not on the High Street Facebook Ad this Christmas. This really boosted my sales last year, and the difference was noticeable this time around.

painting christmas decorations

- Feeling the creative block for so very long whilst trying to create new Christmas products. 

- Several literal losses at various Craft Fairs this year. That one always stings! 

- Having a quieter year on Etsy following all of the behind-the-scenes changes!



No doubt there are more wins and losses, but these are the ones that have stuck in my head for 2019. It feels good to have a list of all the things I achieved this year - to be proud of and be grateful for. As for the losses, some of them were really hard to be in the middle of whilst some just hung around the corners of my consciousness, but I'm doing my best not to dwell - just to learn from and move on, ready for another year of muddling through!

In 2020, I'll let the lows inform my decisions, and the highs lead the way, but for now I'll be taking a few more days to curl up and savour the last few festive in-between days, before I sit down to start penning my next sets of plans.